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Explore the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Issue Date: 01-19-1997

Cool Spots imageHow does a mummy become a mummy? Who was King Tut? Get the answers to these and other questions by exploring the Web sites on Ancient Egypt. First, meet Rosetta Stone at www.clevelandart.org/kids/egypt, your guide to an archeological adventure. You can "ask the mummy" for all kinds of facts about mummies and pyramids, print out cool Egyptian art, and even build your own pharaoh's mask! Then, to find out more about the most famous Egyptian King, check out www1.usa1.com/~madartis/ egypt/ egypt.html where you will find the Treasures of Tutankhamun. You'll see the golden treasures found in Tut's tomb and learn why Egypt's kings were buried with all their favorite furniture! And did you know that Ancient Egyptians didn't use letters? Instead, they wrote with pictures and symbols called hieroglyphs. You can learn hieroglyphics and use them to send secret messages to your friends at www1.torstar.com/ rom/egypt/ the hieroglyphs translator. Only you, your Web-wise friends and the ancient Egyptians will be able to read your secret message. (The second and third sites are no longer available.)

Visit: www.clevelandart.org/kids/egypt
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Adventures Around the World - Inca Issue Date: 07-07-1996

Cool Spots imageFollow the Virtual Inca Trail to the Inca city of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes at www.raingod.com/angus/

Visit: www.raingod.com/angus/Gallery/Photos/SouthAmerica/Peru/IncaTrail.html
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Adventures Around the World - Maya Issue Date: 07-07-1996

Cool Spots imageStart a Maya Adventure at any X on the map from the Science Museum of Minnesota, www.smm.org/sln/ma.

Visit: www.smm.org/sln/ma
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