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Legends of the Nile Issue Date: 05-28-2000

Cool Spots imageTravel back to the far reaches of history and meet the ancient Egyptians, one of the most fascinating civilizations of all time. The Ancient Egypt Web site is loaded with information on all things Egyptian, from pyramids and pharaohs to mummies. Cross the Nile River at www.ancientegypt
. The site lets you live a day in the life of an Egyptian, walking in the shoes of a nobleman or a farmer. Collectors will love the artifacts, including toys, eye-catching baskets and priceless jewelry. Plus, you'll see a vast display of breathtaking wall paintings. Looking to learn more about the religion of Egypt? The site takes you on a tour of some incredible temples, home of the Egyptian pharaohs, gods and goddesses. And for a bit of a scare, be sure to check out the spooky photos and facts about the mummies. Relive history along the Nile.

Visit: www.ancientegypt.co.uk
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Culture Shock Issue Date: 11-28-1999

Cool Spots imageExplore three different worlds, all fascinating and each unique, at Tale of Three Cities. The artist René Milot has created beautiful glimpses into the cities of Alexandria A.D. 1, Cordoba A.D. 1000 and New York City A.D. 2000. All three cities are powerhouses of their times, cosmopolitan in nature and setting the pace for the worlds they exist in. Discover these cultures at www.nationalgeographic.com/3cities. You'll get the lowdown on communications through the ages, from the papyrus scrolls of Egypt to the cell phones and computers of the wired age. Whether it's sheep knucklebones, chess or Pacman, you'll love the games that these cities have played through the ages. Big city life has never been this much fun!

Visit: www.nationalgeographic.com/3cities
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Ancient Americans Issue Date: 12-20-1998

Cool Spots imageTo the ancient Anasazi, a "sipapu" was a passageway to the Lower World of their spiritual ancestors. Today, Sipapu at http://sipapu.gsu.edu is your passageway to learn about the customs and traditions of these early Native Americans, the prehistoric ancestors of the Pueblo people of the Southwestern United States. Explore a Chaco Anasazi "great house" or step down into a prehistoric "great kiva," a subterranean ceremonial chamber. As a virtual archaeologist, you can inspect ancient pottery and artifacts these ancient Americans used in their daily lives. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://sipapu.gsu.edu
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Even Your Mummy Will Like This One! Issue Date: 04-12-1998

Cool Spots imageSo you thought that new discoveries about Ancient Egypt were ancient history? Wrong. Put on your pith helmet and dig into www.theban
to be a part of the latest discoveries in egyptology. Shine a light into KV5, the latest (and one of the greatest) of the pharaohs' tombs to be discovered. With more than 100 chambers to explore, the archeologists are just getting started and you can get in on the action! Learn how the organs of royalty were preserved in special urns and find out who (and what) was buried in the Valley of the Kings. More than a lesson in ancient culture, the Theban Mapping Project will also help you keep up on the future of archeology. Can you dig it?

Visit: www.thebanmappingproject.com
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More Mummies! Issue Date: 03-29-1998

Cool Spots imageIt seems like a horror story, but it's real history: More than 500 years ago, a young girl knelt in prayer to be sacrificed to her gods. And in a way, she "lived" to tell the tale. Mark this in your field notes: www.nationalgeographic.com/features/97/andes. This is the key to your archeology expedition into the Andes mountains. Witness the discovery of the Inca "ice maiden" and learn about the rituals of the ancient civilizations in South America. Chart the course on virtual maps and explore the treasures of the maiden's tomb. Then head into the lab! The virtual autopsy shows you how modern medical science helps archeologists reveal the maiden's age, cause of death, and even what she ate. Sacrifice some time to discover the ancient Inca peoples.

Visit: www.nationalgeographic.com/features/97/andes
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