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Ancient Civilizations Issue Date: 07-08-2001

Cool Spots imageJourney to the ancient lands of Egypt, Greece, Rome and Africa at http://carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/MidElem_Home.html. Each section of Odyssey Online features info about that culture's daily life, mythology and ceremonial customs. Find out what Romans painted on their apartment walls, what types of food Greeks ate and how Egyptians made mummies. Learn what these ancient cultures offer to the world.

Visit: http://carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/MidElem_Home.html
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No More Finger Foods Issue Date: 07-01-2001

Cool Spots imagePoint some chopsticks at The History of Eating Utensils at http://research.
. The anthropology department at the California Academy of Sciences has one of the largest collections of utensils, with over 1,700 items. Chopsticks, one of the earliest eating utensils, were first used over 5,000 years ago. Discover the many uses of knives and how they've changed from straight, pointed instruments to modern dinner knives. Look at some of the cool designs on Indian and Persian spoons. Last, check out the portable silverware used by nomads, from pocket forks to modern nesting cutlery sets. There are no forks in the road on the way to this site.

Visit: http://research.calacademy.org/research/anthropology/utensil
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Take a Trip to the Stone Age Issue Date: 05-27-2001

Cool Spots imageStonehenge may be the most famous, but there are many more similar and fascinating stone and rock monuments. Put on your kilt and head to the Ancient Stones of Scotland Web site at www.stonepages.com/ancient_
. This site features images and panoramic movies of 182 rock and stone monuments. Click the interactive map to find a monument, or consult the alphabetical list. Some of Scotland's ancient stone monuments date back to 3500 B.C. Many defense towers, called brochs, date to 2,000 years ago. The site includes a glossary so you can keep up with the terminology. And if you find yourself interested in learning more, there's a great reference guide. This trip to the wilds of Scotland is rock-solid!

Visit: www.stonepages.com/ancient_scotland
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Ancient Lands Issue Date: 03-11-2001

Cool Spots imageGo back in time with History For Kids! at www.historyforkids.org. Read how to cook ancient food, make ancient Egyptian paper or papyrus, draw mosaics and design seals to inscribe your work. Discover ancient civilizations from Egypt to Rome to Western Asia. Learn about ancient religion, science, war, philosophy and literature. Finally, check out the craft projects for things to make. History comes alive at History for Kids! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.historyforkids.org
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Pet Mummies of Ancient Egypt Issue Date: 03-04-2001

Cool Spots imageIf you have a pet, you understand just how much people can love their animals. The ancient Egyptians were no different. In fact, they often mummified their pets and were buried with them. Grab a mouse and dig deep to find out all the amazing facts about animal mummi-fication at www.animalmummies.com. The Animal Mummy Project at the Cairo Museum Web site is dedicated to preserving these 3,000-year-old artifacts. Find out about the Egyptians' beloved pets and sacred animals. You can also learn about foods that were entombed with the dearly departed as well as about fake mummies. Finally, check out how mummies are made and how scientists preserve them. This is one site that will leave you screaming for your mummy!

Visit: www.animalmummies.com
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