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Wonderful Sights Issue Date: 11-28-2004

Cool Spots imageTake advantage of the opportunity to see the best the ancient world has to offer at www.cleveleys.co.uk/wonders/
. For their early time period, the unusual size and characteristics of the Seven Wonders of the World make them special. Scale the Great Pyramids in Egypt or visit Olympia where the mighty Zeus sits. Did the Hanging Gardens of Babylon really hang? Whether you travel to Egypt, Greece or Asia Minor, the Seven Wonders are sure to impress.

Visit: www.cleveleys.co.uk/wonders/sevenwondersoftheworld.htm
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Diggin' Nubia Issue Date: 08-15-2004

Cool Spots imageUnearth an adventure at DigNubia at www.dignubia.org, where you can explore an ancient civilization. There are layers of games, activities and photos for you to enjoy. First study an ancient skeleton to learn about its past life. Then get in style by sorting marbles with a technique called seriation. In Objects, take a look at an ancient queen's beautiful lucky charm and an archer's arrows. Finally, check out virtual trading cards to meet Nubian specialists, such as Mey Abdullah Saied, who studies clay in Sudan.

Visit: www.dignubia.org
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Get Inside the Pyramids Issue Date: 07-18-2004

Cool Spots imageCrawl inside the tunnels and chambers of Egypt's famous monuments at Pyramids: The Inside Story at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/
. Virtually navigate the path the pharaohs took to the king's burial chamber in Khufu's great pyramid. Then find out why the Sphinx needs to breathe. Future Egyptologists can check out an interview with digger Mark Lehner, who uses Swiss Army knives and spatulas to unearth the past. With this virtual exploration, you'll feel like you've really conquered history.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/pyramid/explore
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Going Greek Issue Date: 01-04-2004

Cool Spots imageLearn about The Greeks, a civilization that changed the Western world, at www.pbs.org/empires/thegreeks. An interactive tour of the Acropolis tells about its architectural significance. Experience what life was like for people living in ancient Athens. You'll meet famous Greeks who helped shape the history of ancient Greece, including Cleisthenes, who established democracy in Athens. Catch a glimpse of Socrates' life before he was killed for

Visit: www.pbs.org/empires/thegreeks
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Mi-O, My-O, Maya Issue Date: 11-30-2003

Cool Spots imageForget about walking like an Egyptian! Learn to walk like a Maya at www.mayankids.com. Mayan Kids tells about this ancient Mesoamerican civilization. Crawl into a cenote, an underground cavern where Mayas made offerings of jade and gold. Did you know that Mayas probably chewed gum called chicle to clean their teeth? Learn how they harvested chicle in People. Beliefs tells the Mayan story of man's origin, which made monkeys sacred to the Maya.

Visit: www.mayankids.com
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