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Step Back in Time Issue Date: 08-27-2017

Cool Spots image Take a trip back in history to learn about ancient civilizations and art at the Birmingham Museums for Kids, bmkids.org.uk/preload.htm. Wally, the helpful tour bird, is here to guide you and provide interesting facts along the way. Explore an Egyptian Tomb in Ancient Egypt, where you will have the opportunity to examine the tools used in the mummification process. Do you know when Alexander the Great came into power? Explore the interactive timeline in Ancient Greece to find out, then showcase your art skills when you Design a Greek Pot. Enter the Art Gallery and examine the painting “The Last of England” for clues to its subject matter.

Visit: http://bmkids.org.uk/preload.htm
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Mythology of Eclipses Issue Date: 08-06-2017

Cool Spots image Eclipses have occurred since the beginning of time. Today we understand their causes, but centuries ago people explained them in stories. Join storyteller Jordan Hill, sunearthday.nasa.gov/2006/multimedia/storyteller.php, who interprets myths and beliefs about eclipses. Arakho swallows the sun and moon from time to time. People of West Africa tell a story of two mothers who want peace for their families. Read more about Kuiyecoke and Puka Puka. Horus and Seth were Egyptian gods fighting for the same throne – see how that explains a solar eclipse.

Visit: http://sunearthday.nasa.gov/2006/multimedia/storyteller.php
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Ancient Places Issue Date: 04-03-2016

Cool Spots imageMysterious Places, mysteriousplaces.com/tours.html, uncovers ancient civilizations. Tour Easter Island in the South Pacific, home of hundreds of enormous carved statues called “moai.” In Mysteries of the Maya, ruins tell us much about the people who built them. Tour Chichen Itza to learn why they abandoned their temples and pyramids. Next, visit Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, the ancient monument that dates back 5,000 years. Did you know that more than a million people visit each year? Its purpose is still a mystery, but the photographs may help you draw your own conclusions.

Visit: http://mysteriousplaces.com/tours.html
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Ancient Egypt Issue Date: 08-23-2015

Cool Spots imageTravel back in time to Ancient Egypt as you follow a guard on a tour of The Egyptians, tinyurl.com/qjypgaw. This interactive adventure begins at the Museum, when you put together the Timeline of important events in history. Study the World Map and see if you can locate Egypt. Next, head to the Town to explore the Tomb, the Palace and the House, and examine various artifacts to learn more about residents’ daily life. Did you know that Tutankhamun became Pharaoh at just 9 years old? Learn about some other famous Egyptian rulers and what makes them historically significant.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/qjypgaw
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Jungle Life Issue Date: 08-03-2014

Cool Spots imageDid you know that there are people who still live in the jungle? Join the Human Planet Explorers, bbc.co.uk/nature/humanplanetexplorer/environments/jungles, as they travel to tropical rainforests and reveal a different way of life. In Living the High Life, you’ll meet a family that lives 30 meters up in the jungle canopy. In Treetop Honey Gathering, watch as a father braves a swarm of bees at a hive high up in a tree to gather a sweet treat for his family. See how the Penan people collect a tree’s poisonous sap for the darts in the blow pipes they use for hunting in Making Poison Darts.

Visit: http://bbc.co.uk/nature/humanplanetexplorer/environments/jungles
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