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Civic Education Issue Date: 03-14-2004

Cool Spots imageGet your thinking cap on because Justice Learning, at www.justicelearning.org, will teach you about civic education in the real world. You will find information that affects your daily life, such as gun control, the war on drugs and religion in schools. Affirmative action articles discuss issues of racial preferences at universities. If you are concerned about energy and the environment, catch up on proposals for a nuclear waste repository in Nevada's Yucca Mountains. Explore the interactive timelines to discover what the Constitution says and means.

Visit: www.justicelearning.org
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Stories of an Indian God Issue Date: 01-25-2004

Cool Spots imageGo on an adventure with a Hindu god when you hear Stories of Krishna at www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/
. Krishna is the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. Nine paintings tell the story of how Krishna became a demon-slaying hero who interacted with gods and mortals. The paintings depict Krishna in many stages of his life, including his romance with the beautiful cow-herder Radha. After hearing the stories, the card game will test your knowledge of the characters in Krishna's intimate world.

Visit: www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/interactives/intimateWorlds/enter.asp
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The Highest View on Earth Issue Date: 01-04-2004

Cool Spots imageConquer the world's tallest mountain with Sir George Everest and other members of Britain's Royal Geographic Society. At Imaging Everest at http://imagingeverest.rgs.org, you will get up close and personal with the icy landscape and warmhearted people of the Himalayas. Sherpas are well known for their ability to endure the harsh Himalayan climate and for their willingness to guide climbers. In Religion in Tibet and Nepal, read how Buddhist devotion inspired Tenzing Norgay to climb Mt. Everest and to make an offering when he reached the highest peak.

Visit: http://imagingeverest.rgs.org
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Eternal Egypt Issue Date: 11-02-2003

Cool Spots imageDo you want to live forever? Teleport to Eternal Egypt, at archive.fieldmuseum. org/eternalegypt to see how the Egyptians did it, or at least how they thought they did. Look through an archeologist's dig diary and sift for clues to solve the stela, a large slab of rock inscribed with magical prayers. Stick around to see stunning tomb art and read how religion inspired Egyptians to create extravagant funerary masks in Gold and the Gods.

Visit: archive.fieldmuseum.org/eternalegypt
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Watching the Years Go By Issue Date: 11-28-1999

Cool Spots imageFind out how our ancestors organized their nights and days without a digital watch or dayplanner. At Calendars Through the Ages, you'll find out how humankind has divvied up its time--from the Soviet Union's 5-day week to various religious calendars. Take a time-out at www.webexhibits.org/
and learn about everything from the tropical year to the synodic month. There are all kinds of Islamic, Jewish and Christian. With amazing history and facts, Calendars Through the Ages is the best spot to prepare for the coming millennium countdown!

Visit: www.webexhibits.org/calendars
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