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The 411 at 101 Issue Date: 11-29-2009

Cool Spots imageTake an introductory course on the White House at WhiteHouse101, Facts and Fun for All Ages, www.whitehouse.
. Check out Our Presidents for the lowdown on our nation's leaders and what made these men of power tick. Fun Facts holds some cool presidential surprises as you scroll through little-known tidbits sure to surprise. For example, did you know any plane the president boards is referred to as "Air Force One"? Before you move on, visit First Pets to meet the furry friends of our nation's chief executives.

Visit: www.whitehouse.gov/about/white_house_101
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The Time Has Come Issue Date: 11-02-2008

Cool Spots imageAs your parents and teachers prepare to go to the polls to elect a new president, you too can take part in political history at Every Four Years: Electing a President, www.trumanlibrary.org/museum/4years/index.htm. Whether Democrat or Republican, you should browse The Candidates to learn how the parties celebrate their presidential contenders. The Choice will fast forward to Election Day, when voters make their voices heard. Keep your fingers crossed for the candidate you would like to see win!

Visit: www.trumanlibrary.org/museum/4years/index.htm
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Picture-Perfect Politics Issue Date: 09-28-2008

Cool Spots imagePut familiar faces with their famous names at the Smithsonian's Mr. President, http://
. The leaders of the United States are separated into eras, so click on one to begin. Once you have chosen a time period you want to research, pick out a president to discover cool facts about some of these great men in history. For example, did you know Eisenhower obtained a truce in the Korean War? Take time to get to know them all and celebrate our history.

Visit: http://smithsonianeducation.org/president/gallerymain.aspx
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Presidents Past Issue Date: 12-16-2007

Cool Spots imageGet out your Secret Service pass and delve into the private lives of U.S. presidents by visiting WayBack: Presidents, http://pbskids.org/wayback/prez. Did you know our second president hopped a boat to the Netherlands and borrowed money to keep America afloat? Guess which president was allergic to cat dander? Get in touch with your peers and see what other kids are looking for in an American leader in Kids for President. Maybe you’ll decide that you want to run for president yourself. If this is the job for you, Hit the Trail! will help you do your best to campaign for the White House.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/wayback/prez
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Presidential Access Issue Date: 12-31-2006

Cool Spots imageWelcome to the White House! Click on www.whitehouse.gov/kids/whlife for an all-ages pass to the presidential palace. White House pets Spotty and India want you to see what life is like on the inside. Meet the White House Dream Team of admirable Americans including authors, artisits and teachers. Not many kids live close enough to visit, but this site features virtual tours. If you need a fun break, break out the red, white and blue to express yourself with coloring pages. Take historical quizzes for more information.

Visit: www.whitehouse.gov/kids/whlife
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