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One Step Away Issue Date: 09-05-2010

Cool Spots imageBetter take a good look at who is sitting pretty in the vice presidentís chair, because he just might be the next president. The Smithsonianís Presidents in Waiting, www.npg.si.edu/exhibit/VicePres/flash.
, shines the spotlight on past vice presidents who stepped up when their country needed them the most. The Gallery has a great timeline showing how certain vice presidents have helped lead the nation, while interviews shed some light on the different roles vice presidents have taken on to aid the president and the country in the past. Pick a famous face and begin!

Visit: www.npg.si.edu/exhibit/VicePres/flash.html
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Who's Ruling You? Issue Date: 07-04-2010

Cool Spots imageDelve into our nationís system of checks and balances at Congress for Kids, www.congressforkids.net. If you are starting an American Government unit at school, this is the perfect site to complement your work in the classroom. With tons of great quizzes and information on the three different branches of government, you will zoom to the head of the class. You can also research the election process and look forward to the day when you can cast your own vote.

Visit: www.congressforkids.net
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A Royal Tour Issue Date: 06-27-2010

Cool Spots imageRoam through the well-traveled halls in The Houses of Parliament, http://services.parliament.uk/education/online-resources/Tour_of_Parliament, to get a look inside a political power-house that has been home to many great kings and has witnessed the secret wheeling and dealings of politicians. Click on the map to see beautiful photos of the impressive interiors, such as the Central Lobby, the Royal Gallery and The Prince's Chamber, as you navigate through these important places. Each area is open for you to explore, so enjoy this virtual tour from across the pond.

Visit: http://services.parliament.uk/education/online-resources/Tour_of_Parliament
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You Be the Judge! Issue Date: 01-31-2010

Cool Spots imageLearn all you can about laying down the law at Our Courts, 21st Century Civics, http://ourcourts.org. See what you can do to become an active participant in the judicial system when you visit About Our Courts. While you are there, try your hand at games such as Do I Have a Right? and Supreme Decision, where your legal skills will be put to the test. You can find helpful links and more information on this Web site by visiting the Newsroom. Be sure to share this site with your teachers and maybe earn some extra credit!

Visit: http://ourcourts.org
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The Census Sees Us Issue Date: 01-03-2010

Cool Spots imageBecome an active citizen at the U.S Census Bureau's Census for Kids, www.census.gov/schools/census_for_
. Counting people and recording demographic information is a tough job for sure. But you can get in on the action when you mouse around the Counting Way. By answering the questions about animals and adults and others, you will see how important it is to record accurate numbers. Move on to play word games or test your memory skills when you are ready.

Visit: www.census.gov/schools/census_for_kids
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