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Be a Citizen Diplomat Issue Date: 02-03-2013

Cool Spots imageProtecting the interests of the American people is the mission of the U.S. Department of State. Learn how this important work is done in diplomacy.
. If you ever run into trouble abroad, you can go to a U.S. Embassy for help. Diplomacy 101 explains what our diplomats do and where they work around the world. The Explorer interactive map is a fun way to learn about interesting people, places or issues. Did you know Benjamin Franklin was not just an inventor? He was also an accomplished negotiator overseas.

Visit: diplomacy.state.gov/discoverdiplomacy
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House Rules Issue Date: 01-06-2013

Cool Spots imageKids in the House, kids.clerk.house.gov, allows students of all ages to experience the legislative branch of the United States government interactively. What Is Congress? reveals how the First Day of Congress is a bit like your first day of school. Do you like art? Constantino Brumidi painted the brilliant "Apotheosis of Washington" on the ceiling of the Capitol rotunda. Read about its symbolism, then tour the House Chamber. A great idea must go through many steps before it becomes law. Follow the process and learn How Laws Are Made.

Visit: kids.clerk.house.gov
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Famous Leaders Issue Date: 10-14-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century, presidentialtimeline.org, features the lives of 13 U.S. presidents. Visit Interactive Timeline to explore the early life of each president. Learn what Harry S. Truman's first job was, or how Herbert Hoover made his fortune after graduating from Stanford. Move on to Exhibits, where you can explore documents, photographs and accounts of some of the most important events in history, such as the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor or the Stock Market Crash of 1929. For a specific topic, visit the Gallery for access to thousands of records.

Visit: presidentialtimeline.org
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Civics in Action Issue Date: 05-20-2012

Cool Spots imageJustice Sandra Day O'Connor and a leadership team created iCivics, icivics.org, to increase civic knowledge among young Americans. Students get a unique opportunity to participate in games that simulate our government’s operation. Test your persuasive abilities in Argument Wars and compete against another lawyer to win a real Supreme Court case. Collect points as you play games and make an impact on a community service project. Spend your points on your favorite Impact Project, and every three months the project with the most points receives $1,000 from iCivics!

Visit: icivics.org
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Mail Systems Issue Date: 03-25-2012

Cool Spots imageSystems at Work, postalmuseum.si.
, is an inside look at the progress and innovative technologies at work in our postal service. Enter the Exhibit to set off on the extraordinary journey that began in 1792 when letters were delivered to central post offices by private stagecoach. All Systems at Work follows the route of a letter in today’s system. In Catalysts of Change, read how postage stamps and ZIP Codes revolutionized the delivery of mail. View photos of early postal scales in Objects.

Visit: postalmuseum.si.edu/systemsatwork
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