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Investigate the Mail Issue Date: 01-26-2014

Cool Spots imageThe National Postal Museum presents the history of the U.S. Postal Service through unique artifacts in Arago: People, Postage & the Post, arago.si.edu. In Philately, you’ll read about the origins of stamp collecting, including a woman who collected more than 16,000 stamps to wallpaper a room. Take a look at the 15-cent Lincoln, the first commemorative stamp. Visit Exhibits and check out Just for Fun to find 15 Cool Things to See in the museum. Read about Owney the Dog and how he became well known through his travels on the railway.

Visit: http://arago.si.edu
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Good Politics Issue Date: 01-12-2014

Cool Spots imageAre you ready to make tough political decisions? In 2004, the Ukraine experienced the Orange Revolution, tigweb.org/games/orange, sparked by a presidential election in which voting laws were broken by both candidates and their workers. To win this game, you must make choices that lead to fair and accurate results. Other countries observe and share their ideas about how to ensure a fair election. Some believe a whole new election is required. Use your problem-solving skills to help achieve a peaceful outcome.

Visit: http://tigweb.org/games/orange
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Step into Office Issue Date: 10-27-2013

Cool Spots imageYou are a newly elected representative when you play the American Democracy Game, democracygame.org. Your new job comes with an office, staff and computer. The public can follow the decisions you make on RepBook. First order of business is Bill 377. Mr. Barker and his dog Mr. Pickles have a petition to build a dog park, but neighbors have concerns. Examine the facts carefully before making a decision, including which amendments should be made to the bill if you are to support it. Good luck!

Visit: http://democracygame.org
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Undercover Kids Issue Date: 08-11-2013

Cool Spots imageSpecial Agent Bobby Bureau needs your help in FBI Kids, fbi.gov/fun-games/kids. In order to complete his mission, Bobby needs an effective disguise. Can you design one for him? Meet Colby the dog, who will introduce you to his friends in About the FBI. You can print your own credentials, just like a real agent. Safety Tips are important for everyone to be aware of. Learn some important rules to keep in mind whether you’re on your computer at home or at school, or out with friends or family. Read the Story of a Strange Flashlight to find out How We Investigate a real case. What have you learned about searching for evidence?

Visit: fbi.gov/fun-games/kids
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Military Mail Issue Date: 02-17-2013

Cool Spots imageThe mail must be delivered, whether to a submarine or a camp overseas. Find out how it happens in Mail Call, postalmuseum.si.edu/mailcall. Hearing from loved ones is important to our soldiers because it keeps them from feeling so alone. In Morale, watch an interview with a postal clerk about why receiving a package means so much to a soldier away from home. Did you know that military workers can send mail postage-free during wartime? Find out how the system has improved in the last 200 years when you explore The Mail Piece. Get Involved: Start writing letters yourself!

Visit: postalmuseum.si.edu/mailcall
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