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Champ of Stamps Issue Date: 02-01-1998

Cool Spots imageFrom stamp information to the future of the post office, the United States Postal Service Online is a friend to anyone who has ever mailed a letter. And unlike the real post office, USPS Online has no lines and is open 24 hours a day. Address your browser to www.usps.gov and discover the ins and outs of postal communications as we head toward the 21st century. Use the rate calculator to find out how much it costs to mail that birthday gift to your great-aunt living across the country, or use the express mail tracking service. Stamp lovers will have the chance to design their own stamp, learn about starting a collection, and find out why some stamps are made, while others are not. Cartoon fans will love checking out the new Looney Tunes stamp series. Mailing letters has never been this much fun!

Visit: www.usps.com
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Hang Out at Thomas Jefferson's House Issue Date: 10-20-1996

Cool Spots imageSurf to www.monticello.org and get to know Thomas Jefferson in a way history books don't make possible. For instance, did you know that the third president of the United States made delicious ice cream? Did you know that he was an inventor, a great gardener and a grandfather who called politics the "hated occupation"? Learn about a typical day in the 18th century, and don't miss the Fun Facts on your trip to Monticello, Jefferson's home in Virginia. Go, and see the personal side of one of America's most interesting people.

Visit: www.monticello.org
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The War of Independence Issue Date: 06-30-1996

Cool Spots imageFrom the Boston Tea Party to the crossing of the Potomac, the War of Independence is a chapter in America's history we remember each 4th of July. Now is a good time to download the entire text of the Declaration of Independence and think about the struggle that followed. Browse through battle strategy maps or sit in on a meeting with a young George Washington. You might even give George III a piece of your mind. Was the War of Independence a good idea? If so, why? Why did the patriots throw tea into the Boston Harbor and not British soldiers? Whether you're a patriot or loyalist, be sure to march out to the front lines at http://odur.let.rug.nl/~usa. Don't forget to bring along your fife and drum.

Visit: http://odur.let.rug.nl/~usa
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The White House Issue Date: 06-30-1996

Cool Spots imageWhat a country! Where else can you e-mail the president, hang out in front of the Washington Monument, and have tea with Socks the cat? The White House on the World Wide Web is where. Take a tour through the historic property or meet the families of presidents past and present. From the First Lady's Sculpture Garden to the hottest news in the briefing room, you'll find out what goes on inside the White House gates. There's even a place here just for kids! Bring your camera and your toughest political questions to www.whitehouse.gov. Don't forget to bring some snacks for Socks!

Visit: www.whitehouse.gov
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