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White House for Kids Issue Date: 12-26-1999

Cool Spots imageFor young people with their eyes on the president's office, there's no better site to check out than White House for Kids. Join Socks the cat and Buddy the dog for a fun-filled tour of the nation's most important address at www.whitehouse.gov/kids. Did you know that the White House was the biggest house in the United States until the Civil War? Or that President William Henry Harrison served the shortest term at 32 days? You'll get a cool history of the White House, back to when George Washington picked a site on the Potomac River. You can also tour the Oval Office and meet President Clinton himself. If you have something to talk over with the prez, you will even find an opportunity to drop him some e-mail. Hail to the chief!

Visit: www.whitehouse.gov/kids
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A Penny for Your Thoughts Issue Date: 12-19-1999

Cool Spots imageWant to learn more about those coins rattling around in your pocket? Then check out H.I.P. Pocket Change, the fun and educational Web site dedicated to coins, the Mint and U.S. history. Turn on a dime at www.usmint.gov/kids. You'll blast to the past at the Time Machine where you'll learn about coin history with Peter the Mint Eagle. You'll also find great coin trivia and facts. Did you know that "Sillyhead" is a popular name for a U.S. cent minted in 1839? Games lovers will enjoy the challenging Coin Memory Machine. There's even info on touring the U.S. Mint facilities in Philadelphia and Denver. Get coin crazy.

Visit: www.usmint.gov/kids
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Access America Issue Date: 10-10-1999

Cool Spots imageWhen most kids hear the word government, they think of politics, taxes or laws of the land. But at Access America, you'll find out what the government's really about: helping people like you! Make your way to Washington at www.students.gov and get the lowdown on the federal programs aimed at kids. Whether you're planning your education or want advice on a cool career, the site is a great resource for young people just starting out. Learn how to reserve a campsite in the U.S, or get a passport to travel overseas. Access America is a gateway to everything your country has to offer.

Visit: www.students.gov
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Take a V.I.P. Tour Issue Date: 07-05-1998

Cool Spots imageAt the White House for Kids, V.I.P. stands for Very Important Pet. Socks the Cat is it, and he's your personal guide for a great tour of the most important home in the country. Getting to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is as easy as clicking on www.whitehouse.
. Have you heard about Buddy, the new dog at the White House? There were a lot of other presidential pets making messes on the White House lawn before Buddy came along! And there were lots of kids before Chelsea Clinton to play with those official animals. Check out the history of White House pets (from ponies to puppies) and the 'First Children' who played in the halls of this amazing mansion. Oh, and while you're at the White House, don't forget to send an e-mail to the president!

Visit: www.whitehouse.gov/kids
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The American Experience Issue Date: 05-03-1998

Cool Spots imageAs this century comes to an end, who do you think has had the greatest impact on the course of history? Naturally, U.S. presidents always come to mind. Their work influences millions of people, their faces are the faces of history, and their words are historical documents. From Teddy "Rough Rider" Roosevelt to Bill Clinton and Socks the cat, this site at www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/
gives you the low-down on the big men of the White House. Learn about each president's career and the events that were happening in the world around him. Who was in office when women gained the right to vote? Who was president during the Vietnam War? Exercise your right to explore some of the most famous Americans of the century.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/presidents
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