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Cracking the Code Issue Date: 12-12-2004

Cool Spots imageSolving puzzles and cracking codes is the name of the game at www.nsa.gov/kids. The National Security Agency and Central Security Service give you a look inside code cracking, its history and why it's important. You can see devices used by the United States to crack codes during war times throughout history. Codes and Ciphers teaches you how to read and write simple coding with practice activities for beginning, immediate and advanced levels. Finally, you can read short mystery stories with codes that you can crack to help solve the case.

Visit: www.nsa.gov/kids
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Hey, Clerk, What's Happenin'? Issue Date: 10-03-2004

Cool Spots imageLearn about the role the clerk plays in the U.S. Congress with Kids in the House: The Office of the Clerk at http://kids.clerk.house.gov. You'll meet the clerk, learn about Congress and discover how a bill becomes a law. Join A. Bill and learn about the events and people of the House of Representatives. Then take a field trip to Capitol Hill to explore the capitol and other legislative buildings. If you are up to the challenge, you can try Capitol Trivia and Seek-A-Word. Your new knowledge is sure to impress everyone.

Visit: http://kids.clerk.house.gov
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The Living Room Candidate Issue Date: 08-29-2004

Cool Spots imageThe Living Room Candidate exhibits 52 years of presidential campaign commercials at http://livingroom
. Sorted by election year, the ads from Ike to Dubya demonstrate the persuasiveness of television. You'll learn about types of commercials used, including backfire, biographical and documentary. Read about issues of war, corruption, taxes and welfare, and learn how candidates' positions fit with media publicity. Television changed the way the election battle was fought, and the Internet is set to do the same. Check out the Desktop Candidate for more insight.

Visit: http://livingroomcandidate.movingimage.us
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What a Tough Job Issue Date: 06-20-2004

Cool Spots imageMany kids dream of being president someday, but it can be a pretty tough job. At The American President: A Glorious Burden, at http://americanhistory.si.edu/presidency, you'll find out just how hard it can be. If you're wondering exactly what the president does, head over to Foundations to get an idea of the duties involved. A scrolling timeline lets you see how presidents' lives changed with history. You can also explore objects that belonged to past leaders, such as the hat Abraham Lincoln wore the night he was shot.

Visit: http://americanhistory.si.edu/presidency
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Civic Education Issue Date: 03-14-2004

Cool Spots imageGet your thinking cap on because Justice Learning, at www.justicelearning.org, will teach you about civic education in the real world. You will find information that affects your daily life, such as gun control, the war on drugs and religion in schools. Affirmative action articles discuss issues of racial preferences at universities. If you are concerned about energy and the environment, catch up on proposals for a nuclear waste repository in Nevada's Yucca Mountains. Explore the interactive timelines to discover what the Constitution says and means.

Visit: www.justicelearning.org
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