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A Slice of Pi Issue Date: 03-13-2011

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Exploratorium's Pi Day, www.exploratorium.edu/pi, where this infinite number, 3.14159 shares its international celebration day with you. Did you know this number's special day is also Einstein's birthday? Click on A Brief History of Pi to see how this mysterious number came to be and which mathematicians brought it into the public eye. You can flex the creative side of your brain as you participate in Pi-related fun and search through Pi links. Share this site with your class, and go get your math on!

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/pi
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Surrounded by Shapes Issue Date: 11-28-2010

Cool Spots imageLook around! No matter where you rest your eyes, you will see geometry on display. Visit Exploratorium's Geometry Playground, www.exploratorium.edu/
, to engage your senses as you discover ways to recognize geometry. Take a stroll through the Geometry Garden and experience a curious cluster of different shapes, such as snail shells and cool crystals. The different features on this site will open your eyes to the many ways math is evident in our daily lives.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/geometryplayground
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Three Dimensions Issue Date: 11-14-2010

Cool Spots imageGet in touch with geometry at Interactives: 3-D Shapes, www.learner.org/interactives/geometry. Everything around you can be measured by its length, width and height. Put math into motion when you work through polyhedra, prisms and pyramids. Each section features fantastic examples that demonstrate the basic concepts in geometry. Learn new vocabulary and brush up your mathematical knowledge as you watch different shapes rotate and unfold before your eyes. Test Your Skills awaits when you are ready for a challenge.

Visit: www.learner.org/interactives/geometry
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Noshing on Numbers Issue Date: 07-25-2010

Cool Spots imageGotta a math craving? Math Snacks, http://mathsnacks.com, is waiting to satisfy you. These Math Snacks are really short, animated games and videos designed to help learners master different mathematical concepts. Maybe you want to go on a bad date to discover ratios, or watch how Scale Ella, the resident superhero, clarifies all you need. You can even download these munchable mathmatical treats to your mobile device as you learn more about math away from your desk.

Visit: http://mathsnacks.com
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Tally It Up Issue Date: 05-23-2010

Cool Spots imageShow off your marvelous math skills at Calculation Nation, http://calculation
. Play awhile in Games, where peer-rated challenges will have you busting your brain. Bring along your best math buddy for a great game of Slam Ball. Once you are familiar with the games and want to step it up, you can begin to test your knowledge as you battle it out with other players. From Fraction Feud to Times Squared, all levels of math mavens are welcome, so discover new ways to show your talents. Good luck!

Visit: http://calculationnation.org
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