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Math Cats Issue Date: 12-28-2014

Cool Spots imageCan you learn math from a cat? Math Cats, mathcats.com/#contents, is a series of games to help with problem-solving skills. In Math Cats Explore, play Crossing the River, where you must get two animals and a cabbage safely to the other side. Can you figure it out? Guess how many people are in What a Crowd, a MicroWorld that awards points for correct answers. Math Cats’ Attic is where facts are stored. Select topics based on what math has to do with animals, history, atronomy, plants and geography. Visit the Art Gallery to enjoy a math art slideshow.

Visit: http://mathcats.com/#contents
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Math Central Issue Date: 11-23-2014

Cool Spots imageMath Central, mathcentral.uregina.ca/index.php, is a website that supports math students as well as teachers. Has your math homework got you stumped? Check out Quandaries & Queries’ topics to get help solving problems. In Mathematics with a Human Face, visit the Quilt and see how many professionals use math skills in their careers. Musician Jane Schudel uses math to analyze rhythms and forms. Math Beyond School shows how math can help you in everyday activities: When you help your parents cook, you measure ingredients, and when you play chess, you use both problem-solving and logic.

Visit: http://mathcentral.uregina.ca/index.php
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Take the Challenge Issue Date: 11-02-2014

Cool Spots imageFigure This, figurethis.org/index.html, challenges you to solve math problems in real-life situations. In Line Up, can you determine how long you would have to wait in line for concert tickets if you were customer number 300? Scroll through the Challenge Index and find answers to questions such as which shape holds the most popcorn, or how many Friday the 13ths occur every year. In Big Trees, use a skill that is important in many jobs: measurement. Are there any trees big enough to drive a car through? Find out in Answer.

Visit: http://figurethis.org/index.html
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Water Games Issue Date: 10-05-2014

Cool Spots imageThe Great Water Odyssey, sjrwmd.com/odyssey/games.html, is an awesome site featuring educational arcade games. Learn all about the water cycle in the Cloud Game, where you will help your friend Hydro collect enough water molecules to make it rain. Do you know how many cups are in a pint or how many quarts are in a gallon? Those facts will come in handy when you help Raleigh Otter refill his ship’s water tank in the Standard System Measurement Game. Careful — one wrong answer, and you’ll get sucked down a well in Math Maze! Race the clock to Connect the Pipes before Alice’s house floods.

Visit: http://sjrwmd.com/odyssey/games.html
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Math Help Issue Date: 09-07-2014

Cool Spots imageInteract Math, interactmath.com/home.aspx, is like having your own math tutor. It is designed to work along with your grade level, and you Choose a Book to start. For example, if you are in Middle Grades Math: Grade 6, you can select that book and all of its topics will appear. Find the concept or chapter you need help with, such as Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. Next, choose a problem. View an Example or use the Help Me Solve This feature for extra practice. You’ll find this site is a terrific resource for learning tricky math concepts.

Visit: http://interactmath.com/home.aspx
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