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Real Life Math Issue Date: 07-19-2015

Cool Spots imageWhen you are learning about fractions, long division and word problems, do you ever wonder Why Do Math, www.whydomath.org? America’s Cup explains how mathematicians helped design the yacht that won the event in 2003. In Neuroscience Mathematics, discover how math helped neurosurgeons understand how neurons spike in a brain. NASA engineers used math to make space travel more efficient. By making loops through space and taking advantage of gravity, spacecraft can use less fuel and reach their destinations more quickly.

Visit: http://www.whydomath.org
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Find Your Way Issue Date: 08-24-2008

Cool Spots imageGet to know the true story behind mathematics at Math Maze, http://library.thinkquest.org/05aug/01951. History buffs will appreciate the History of Math to learn how advanced civilizations in Egypt and Babylon used this science. You can put five faces with famous discoveries in Five Mathematicians, where the life stories of Pascal, Fibonacci and others are detailed. Put your knowledge to the test in Application of Mathematics, so you can see just how amazing math in action really is.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/05aug/01951
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Eureka! Issue Date: 06-08-2003

Cool Spots imageArchimedes was an ancient problem-solver whose discoveries changed the world. A palimpsest is paper that has been used more than once. Therefore, The Archimedes Palimpsest, at http://archimedespalimpsest.org, tells the story of an important manuscript. Learn about the palimpsest's journey from the Holy Land to an art museum. Be sure to read The Puzzle of King Hiero's Crown. It relates the story of the discovery Archimedes made while in his bathtub.

Visit: http://archimedespalimpsest.org
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