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Show Me The Moolah Issue Date: 08-05-2001

Cool Spots imageUncover the Secrets of Making Money at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/moolah. Explore the anatomy of a bill and the many ways the U.S. Treasury has made it nearly impossible to counterfeit a bill. Follow the history of money from bartering to the complex paper money we use today. Go on to test your skills as a counterfeit expert and identify the fake features of a sample counterfeit bill. The value of this site is astronomical.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/moolah
User Rating: 3.3727454909819stars
499 users rated this site
Math Mania Issue Date: 01-14-2001

Cool Spots imageGrab a pencil and your math book, and head to the cool interactive math Web site at www.exploremath.com. You'll find more than 30 Shockwave-driven activities in categories such as inequalities, trigonometry, probabilities, complex numbers and much more. Try the Area Probability where you can throw darts at a bull's-eye. Or find out what a hyperbola is. Each activity includes buttons and sliders for you to customize and practice math at your own pace. ExploreMath.com can help you master math. (Disclaimer: This site is now included in www.explorelearning.com.)

Visit: www.explorelearning.com
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Visit: www.explorelearning.com
User Rating: 4stars
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Tessellation Tutorial Issue Date: 11-26-2000

Cool Spots imageArt and math merge in the exciting world of tessellations, geometric mosaic patterns without any gaps. Tessellations make cool background textures for your Web sites. Check out the excellent ThinkQuest Web site, Totally Tessellated, at http://library.thinkquest.org/16661. Then join us at www.4Kids.org/techthis for the 1st 4Kids Project: Tech This!, a tutorial on making seamless backgrounds. We'll give an introduction to background tiles and what makes them seamless. Then we'll show you how to make your own using your favorite paint or photo-imaging application. We'll provide samples as well as a tool for you to test your own creations on our site. Finally, we'll offer tips for putting them on your Web page as well as how to use seamless backgrounds effectively. We look forward to seeing your tessellated backgrounds on the Web. (Tech This! is no longer featured on 4Kids.)

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/16661
User Rating: 3.0746606334842stars
442 users rated this site
Figure It Out Issue Date: 10-15-2000

Cool Spots imageIf you are into challenges, or just need a little extra practice with your math, then Figure This! Math Challenges for Families is for you. Get out the calculator and add it up at www.figurethis.org. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, Figure This! has 22 problems in all for you to try. You can choose from the Challenge Index, or consult the Math Index to pick exactly which kind of math you want to practice. Add this fun and challenging Web site to your favorites today.

Visit: www.figurethis.org
User Rating: 2.9043824701194stars
251 users rated this site
Bead It! Issue Date: 05-21-2000

Cool Spots imageBefore the calculator came along, many folks counted with a tool called the abacus--a mechanical aid used for math. Now you can find out more about this fascinating instrument at The Abacus Web site. Get ready for some number crunching at www.ee.ryerson.ca/~elf/abacus. You'll learn all about how to manipulate the wooden beads, which slide freely and allow users to keep track of their calculations. Also, explore the instrument's evolution with cool graphics of the abacus from ancient Chinese, Japanese and Aztec cultures. Still think the calculator is better? Then check out the results of a contest in Tokyo between the abacus and a 1940s calculating machine, and see which one wins. Warning: You will be surprised. You'll also learn how to build a Lego abacus for your toy collection. Relive the past, and start counting the old-fashioned way.

Visit: www.ee.ryerson.ca/~elf/abacus
User Rating: 3.1978021978023stars
273 users rated this site

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