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Learning Fun Issue Date: 02-02-2014

Cool Spots imageMath and spelling are all fun and games at Tutpup, tutpup.com. Do you ever get tired of doing math problems on paper? Here you can choose levels ranging from Easy Peasy to Uh Oh, then race against the clock to win. Practice basic math facts in Maths 101. You never know what you’re going to get in Maths Mix, where Everything! is fair game. Next, sharpen your spelling skills. The voice in Spelling tells you which word to spell next, and each correct response brings you closer to the finish line.

Visit: http://tutpup.com
User Rating: 2.5726495726496stars
702 users rated this site
Fun With Math Issue Date: 01-05-2014

Cool Spots imageAre you still on winter break? Whether it is snowy or sunny where you live, you can challenge your friends to a Snowball Fight, fun4thebrain.com/subtraction/snowballFightSub.swf. In this game, you have to solve a math problem before you can throw a snowball. You’d better know your math facts! For each correct answer, you get to throw a snowball at a friend. Keep an eye on the thermometer! For each incorrect answer, you will get hit by a snowball, and if you get too many wrong answers, you’ll catch a cold and have to go inside to warm up. Once you’re better, you can come back outside to play again!

Visit: http://fun4thebrain.com/subtraction/snowballFightSub.swf
User Rating: 2.7984000000006stars
625 users rated this site
Investing in America Issue Date: 06-30-2013

Cool Spots imageTreasury Direct Kids, treasurydirect.gov/kids/kids.htm, is the place to go if you want to learn how the U.S. government manages money. The government has borrowed money at times to finance public services and wars. Have you ever received a savings bond as a gift? Savings bonds are one way the government raises money to decrease the national debt. Check Videos for Bugs Bunny’s savings bond message, then test your MoneyMemory in Games. Play Perry’s Pennies and help piggy save as much as he can. Think fast — you only have 10 seconds!

Visit: treasurydirect.gov/kids/kids.htm
User Rating: 3.0224260958207stars
981 users rated this site
The Math Path Issue Date: 04-14-2013

Cool Spots imageIf you want to grow up to design robots, build roller coasters, be an animation artist, or even own a cafe, you will need to learn math. At Math Apprentice, mathapprentice.com, you can choose a character and explore a virtual world where you experience jobs that use mathematical concepts every day. At Wheelworks, you can use ratios and geometry to build a custom bicycle for a professional athlete. Meet Clair, a programmer who designs video games, in Game Pro. Help her program an adventure game and see how important math is in moving characters around the screen.

Visit: mathapprentice.com
User Rating: 3.0646616541352stars
665 users rated this site
Math Adventures Issue Date: 08-12-2012

Cool Spots imageMathMovesU, mathmovesu.com/mmu-games, makes solving math problems fun in an interactive environment. Design your own unique character, then select your math level to begin playing. Flash cards in each area of the site identify games, quizzes and activities. Walk to the baseball field and try to score a run to add 2,000 points to your scoreboard. Then move on to the Eiffel Tower and solve The Legend of Joule's Jewels. You become the engineer at the Pythagorean Pavilion as you control the sound and lights to keep the crowd happy. Keep that Rockometer on green or you'll lose this crowd!

Visit: mathmovesu.com/mmu-games
User Rating: 3.3400000000002stars
500 users rated this site

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