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Make Videos Issue Date: 11-27-2016

Cool Spots image Make your next project or presentation spectacular with My Simpleshow, mysimpleshow.com. This free online software allows you to create videos that explain your topic. For instance, if you are introducing Harriet Tubman in your class project, you can create a video in a few simple steps. With a parent’s permission, create a free account and get started. Choose a storyline template, then write the script. Select images to go with key words and choose one of the provided voices to narrate, or record your own. The Explainer Engine will use the information you entered to create a video to share with your class.

Visit: http://mysimpleshow.com
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Around the World Issue Date: 03-02-2014

Cool Spots imageLet’s explore new places without leaving home! EarthCam for Kids, earthcamforkids.com, puts webcams in places that kids would like to see and visit. Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty? You can take a look at it right now, live, with the Liberty Harbor Cam. Zoom in for a closer look. Next, travel to Zoo Atlanta and watch the Panda Cam, where you can almost reach out and touch those cuddly creatures. Have you ever ridden an elephant? Head to Animals & Zoos and see one up close in Bali Elephant Cam.

Visit: http://earthcamforkids.com
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No Escape Issue Date: 11-20-2011

Cool Spots imageAdvertising is everywhere, no matter where you are. Sometimes it is easy to forget the profound effects advertising has on you and your decisions. Admongo.gov wants you to explore, discover and learn as you become more media literate. Click Play Now and begin your quest to understand the ins and outs of ads. Choose your character's hair, clothes and accessories, and then begin your “aducation.” By the time you are done working your way to the “top,” you will know who is making the ads, what ads are really saying and how they are targeting you.

Visit: http://admongo.gov
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Lock Into Pop Culture Issue Date: 10-23-2011

Cool Spots imageMy Pop Studio, www.mypopstudio.com, invites those who are passionate about communications to try their hand at creating different forms of media. Do you love magazines? Step into the Magazine Studio and try to make your own teen magazine masterpiece. You'll learn about layout, articles, advertisements and more. Is TV more your speed? See if you have what it takes to become a producer as you edit your own show. Sing out loud in the Music Studio or flex your tech skills in the Digital Studio. Try your hand at all the different media and enjoy!

Visit: www.mypopstudio.com
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Media Madness Issue Date: 05-28-2006

Cool Spots imageYou can uncover the mysteries behind media when you visit Don't Buy It at http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit. Advertising Tricks will alert you to underlying commercial messages aimed at specific audiences. Once you learn to interpret advertisements, Buying Smart becomes second nature. Research your entertainment media of choice and discover clever media strategies for making money. Learn about what you can do to make the media more kid friendly and become a super consumer of media.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit
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