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Secret Codes Issue Date: 12-29-2013

Cool Spots imageNow you can write top-secret notes to your friends at Thunk, thunk.com. Spies and military personnel use secret codes every day to send private information safely. You can do the same thing: Just type a sentence in the box and click Scramble, and your message will appear in code. You can send the coded message to a friend, who can then paste it in the box and click Unscramble to decode it. Visit Learn to see the history of scrambled messages, which goes back many thousands of years.

Visit: http://thunk.com
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Crack the Code Issue Date: 01-27-2008

Cool Spots imageNova Online invites all code-cracking brainiacs to check out how the Allies discovered hidden messages in Nazi communications at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/decoding. If you are up for a challenge, click on Crack the Ciphers to see three World War II-style puzzles. Next create a coded message and e-mail it to a friend with a secret key. Test your new code talents when you use a simple cipher and try to make sense out of confusing correspondences. This site introduces you to many codes that surprisingly, you will be able to see in everyday life.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/decoding
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Cracking the Code Issue Date: 12-12-2004

Cool Spots imageSolving puzzles and cracking codes is the name of the game at www.nsa.gov/kids. The National Security Agency and Central Security Service give you a look inside code cracking, its history and why it's important. You can see devices used by the United States to crack codes during war times throughout history. Codes and Ciphers teaches you how to read and write simple coding with practice activities for beginning, immediate and advanced levels. Finally, you can read short mystery stories with codes that you can crack to help solve the case.

Visit: www.nsa.gov/kids
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It's a Secret! Issue Date: 11-14-1999

Cool Spots imageWhether you want to write secret notes to friends or sign your name in mysterious code, you can code with the best of them at www.thunk.com. Here you can create secret codes by typing in your text and clicking the scramble button. Soon, you'll be dazzling your pals with your strange, sometimes funny, codes. You'll also go back in time and learn how the ancient Spartans were the first to use secret messages more than 2,000 years ago. Who's using secret messaging today? Spies, the military and even credit card companies use encoded messages every day. For kids who love goodies, Thunk also has downloadable sounds and graphics. At the site you'll find scrambled punch lines to the corniest of jokes, including the one about the flying skunk. Don't forget to check out links to James Bond, the FBI and more. Thunk.com is no longer a secret to kids.

Visit: www.thunk.com
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