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Robot Zoo Issue Date: 04-12-1998

Cool Spots imageA world of giant animal robots awaits at the Robot Zoo, where mammal meets machine! Automated giraffes, rhinos and platypuses will dazzle you with their mechanical body parts and computerized brains. While the real Robot Zoo exhibit travels across America, you can play with these robo-animals online at www.thetech.org/exhibits/online/robotzoo. By looking at nature through the eyes of an engineer, you'll find out why a chameleon changes colors, how a housefly walks on ceilings, and how the grasshopper hops and flies. You can download pictures of these cool animals, including an all-too-real squid, or you can find out when the Robot Zoo exhibit visits a city close to you. And just like the city zoo, remember not to feed the animals, and keep an eye out for the bats! Discover a digital wild kingdom now.

Visit: www.thetech.org/exhibits/online/robotzoo
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