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Let's Talk About It Issue Date: 03-19-2000

Cool Spots imageFrom sign language to the spoken word, communication is crucial in our society. Now you can journey through this fascinating world at Reaching Out: The Evolution of Communication. Get ready to transmit your message at http://library.thinkquest.org/26451. This educational Web project covers everything from cave drawings and hieroglyphics to today's televisions, radios and advanced computer systems. With a great timeline, quizzes and video clips, this site touches on just about every method of communication. Dive into the world of the written word, investigate the alphabet and learn about famous documents such as the Magna Carta. Also, check out some communications inventions, such as Morse Code, the photocopier and even the pen. You'll discover that speech recognition software is coming soon to a computer near you. Whether you're a fast talker, a good listener or a body-language specialist, this site can be enjoyed by all communicators.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/26451
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The Computer Age Issue Date: 10-31-1999

Cool Spots imageExplore one of the largest collections of computing artifacts in the world. The Computer Museum History Center You'll find way-cool real and virtual exhibits, including the evolution of the microprocessor and the ongoing history of the Internet. Log on at www.computerhistory.org for glimpses of the past and future. The artifacts collection has 2,000 old-school objects, including an 1890 Hollerith Census machine, a computer-generated Mona Lisa, supercomputers, and more fun items than you can shake a Commodore 64 at! Even sweeter, there's a timeline going back to 1945, which covers everything from artificial intelligence to the graphics used in the Disney movie "Tron." Plus, you'll get the lowdown on upcoming events at the real-world museum in Mountain View, Calif. Whether you're a technology buff or just love to play video games, this is a digital celebration you're going to love.

Visit: www.computerhistory.org
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Transistorized! Issue Date: 09-05-1999

Cool Spots imageFound in everything from radios to robots, transistors are the tiny electrical devices that continue to be important today. At Transistorized!, you'll learn about one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Switch the dial to www.pbs.org/transistor and tune into a flurry of interactive science and amazing technology. Once here, you'll learn about how the transistor was created by a pair of daring scientists, and how it came to be used in everything from early radios to the integrated circuit. Games like the Periodic Puzzle and Wafer Maker provide an understanding behind the transitor's science. It's time to turn up the volume!

Visit: www.pbs.org/transistor
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