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iKids Issue Date: 06-17-2012

Cool Spots imageGrown-ups are not the only inventors of cool stuff. Inventive Kids, inventivekids.com, invites young people to explore their creative side. Did you know that Popsicles were invented by an 11-year-old? Hands-on basketball, created by a 9-year-old, shows you where to put your hands to become a better shooter. Invention News is full of awesome inventions that began as great ideas. Play Time Machine in Games and watch ideas from the past transform into modern inventions. Travel to the past in My Inventive Room to see what life was like before the inventions we take for granted.

Visit: inventivekids.com
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Uncover Physics Issue Date: 04-01-2012

Cool Spots imageIf you have an MP3 player, a smartphone or a GPS device, Thank Physics for That, physics.org/thank
, will explain how physics made these technologies possible. Guess how long it would take to download all the information on the Internet, and find out if the Internet will ever run out of space. Did you know a smartphone can measure brainwaves? Now see which Viking king the Bluetooth was named after, and discover how the powerful radiation released by explosive solar flares on the surface of the Sun can affect your GPS device here on Earth!

Visit: physics.org/thankphysics
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Time Crunch Issue Date: 03-06-2011

Cool Spots imageExplore the history of time in the U.S. at the National Museum of American Historyís On Time, http://americanhistory.si.edu/ontime. Choose a section of the timeline to browse through important inventions and events that established the importance of time. For over 100 years, Americans were very aware of time but measured it in different ways. From 1880-1920, the clock began to help regulate lives. Once we could tell time accurately, we began to synchronize watches and clocks all over the world. Now we work on saving time and using it as efficiently as possible.

Visit: http://americanhistory.si.edu/ontime
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Going Places Issue Date: 02-21-2010

Cool Spots imageExplore different methods of travel at Transport Explorer, www.mylearning
. Venture into this virtual town to learn all you can about how goods and people get from one place to another. Click on the mode of transport that interests you the most, such as cars, trains, bikes or boats, to begin. Did you know that there are many different terms for the parts of a boat or that the key to your car causes electrical sparks once itís in the ignition? One thing is for sure, this site will make travel a lot more exciting in the future.

Visit: www.mylearning.org/interactive.asp?journeyid=504&resourceid=1411
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Capturing the Moment Issue Date: 10-25-2009

Cool Spots imageCameras of all types are important because they help us to record moments in time. The American Museum of the Moving Image's Shutters, Sprockets and Tubes: How Moving Image Machines Work, http://movingimage.us/sprockets/menu.htm, will help you see how these images are made. If you wonder how blockbuster movies get from production to theaters, choose How Film Cameras Work. If television is your thing, learn how still pictures are played in rapid succession on the TV as you are unwinding at home.

Visit: http://movingimage.us/sprockets/menu.htm
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