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Flying Machine Issue Date: 10-05-2014

Cool Spots imageThe Smithsonian introduces you to the Wright Brothers, airandspace.si.edu/exhibitions/wright-brothers/online/, the inventors who designed and built the first flying machine. Discover what they were like in Who Were Wilbur & Orville? The brothers were inspired by birds, believing that human flight was possible. Inventing a Flying Machine describes the amazing journey they took on the way to their goal, changing travel forever. In Interactive Experiments, check out Music in the Air and listen to some of the music that defined the Aerial Age.

Visit: http://airandspace.si.edu/exhibitions/wright-brothers/online/
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Where Are We? Issue Date: 08-04-2013

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered how people reached their destinations before satellites and the Internet? The Smithsonian’s Time and Navigation exhibit, timeandnavigation.si.edu, will give you the chance to find out. Imagine the challenges faced by a pilot Navigating in the Air during darkness or bad weather. Read about Early Air Navigators like Charles Lindbergh, who was the first pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo. Meet navigator Peter Boyne in Navigation for Everyone. On his submarine during the Cold War, he had to know the ship’s position at all times.

Visit: timeandnavigation.si.edu
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Awesome Inventions Issue Date: 06-23-2013

Cool Spots imageThe Edison National Historic site, nps.gov/features/edis/feat001/inventionprocess/ENHS.html, is about turning ideas into reality. Thomas Edison patented more than 1,000 inventions, including the motion picture camera. Visit Inventing to see how this idea began when a photographer asked Edison to help solve a problem. As you study the process and watch the videos, try to answer the questions correctly to determine his next steps. Did you know that Edison also created the lightbulb? In Building, you become the inventor and find the right materials to build a longer-lasting lightbulb.

Visit: nps.gov/features/edis/feat001/inventionprocess/ENHS.html
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Innovative Science Issue Date: 08-19-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Oregon Museum of Science and Industry presents Explore Technology, www.omsi.edu/tech, with activities to help you experience different technologies. Gain high-level clearance in Security Technology if you complete your mission at the Password Security Agency. Program your robot to navigate the obstacle course in Robotics & Computers, and once you've met the challenge try to Program a Friend at home! Make a stethoscope and learn how to see your own DNA in Medical Technology. Don't forget to check out the inventions at the Vernier Technology Lab.

Visit: www.omsi.edu/tech
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Awesome Inventions Issue Date: 07-29-2012

Cool Spots imageFind out why Manufacturing is Cool, manufacturingiscool.com, and learn about engineering careers for original thinkers. Click on the iPod to watch videos of real engineers, like astronaut Joan Higginbotham, who operated a robotic arm on the International Space Station. Moving Mechanics sends you flying when you click on Fearless With Fighters and see what a real test pilot does at work each day. Distracting Diversions offers an inside look at the creation of video games. Click on the controller to find out how your favorites were made.

Visit: manufacturingiscool.com
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