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Innovative Science Issue Date: 08-19-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Oregon Museum of Science and Industry presents Explore Technology, www.omsi.edu/tech, with activities to help you experience different technologies. Gain high-level clearance in Security Technology if you complete your mission at the Password Security Agency. Program your robot to navigate the obstacle course in Robotics & Computers, and once you've met the challenge try to Program a Friend at home! Make a stethoscope and learn how to see your own DNA in Medical Technology. Don't forget to check out the inventions at the Vernier Technology Lab.

Visit: www.omsi.edu/tech
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Stand Together Issue Date: 07-29-2012

Cool Spots imageFind out what it means to become a responsible DIGItal citiZEN at Digizen, digizen.org/kids. Begin with the Digizen Game and create your own character, then spend a day at school and find out if you will make the right decisions when a friend is being bullied. Some kids don't report bullying because they are afraid it will happen to them. Watch Let's Fight It Together to hear Joe talk about the true effects of being bullied online, and learn what you can do to fight it. Next, Create Your Digizen and express your online values.

Visit: digizen.org/kids
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Awesome Inventions Issue Date: 07-29-2012

Cool Spots imageFind out why Manufacturing is Cool, manufacturingiscool.com, and learn about engineering careers for original thinkers. Click on the iPod to watch videos of real engineers, like astronaut Joan Higginbotham, who operated a robotic arm on the International Space Station. Moving Mechanics sends you flying when you click on Fearless With Fighters and see what a real test pilot does at work each day. Distracting Diversions offers an inside look at the creation of video games. Click on the controller to find out how your favorites were made.

Visit: manufacturingiscool.com
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iKids Issue Date: 06-17-2012

Cool Spots imageGrown-ups are not the only inventors of cool stuff. Inventive Kids, inventivekids.com, invites young people to explore their creative side. Did you know that Popsicles were invented by an 11-year-old? Hands-on basketball, created by a 9-year-old, shows you where to put your hands to become a better shooter. Invention News is full of awesome inventions that began as great ideas. Play Time Machine in Games and watch ideas from the past transform into modern inventions. Travel to the past in My Inventive Room to see what life was like before the inventions we take for granted.

Visit: inventivekids.com
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Cyber Smarts Issue Date: 05-13-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Internet experts at NSTeens, nsteens.org, share a collection of videos, comics and games that demonstrate smart ways to play it safe online and on your phone. Cyberbullying can ruin friendships, and sharing a password, even with a best friend, can cause you harm. Videos is a great place to find out how to protect yourself and what to do if you receive a mean message on your phone, game site or online profile. Turn up your sound and jam as you read the Comics and learn why you should think before you post!

Visit: nsteens.org
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