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Images for Education Issue Date: 11-20-2016

Cool Spots image Have you ever been assigned to create a poster, website or slide presentation for a school project? Photos for Class, photosforclass.com, is committed to providing quality photos for classroom use. Find vivid photographs to enhance a Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation for a class project. If you are building an animal website in science, for example, you can search for specific topics such as amphibians or birds to find images to go with your facts. Each photo is properly cited so you can give proper credit to the author. Any images you find are available to use for free as long as they are properly attributed.

Visit: http://photosforclass.com
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Science Competition Issue Date: 11-13-2016

Cool Spots image If you love science and technology, you’ll want to check out ExploraVision, exploravision.org, an annual science competition for K-12 students and their teachers. Students are challenged to choose a current technology and conduct research to determine how it might be improved in 20 years. For example, the Nintendo Entertainment System was released along with the Super Mario Bros game in 1986. Twenty years later, Nintendo released the Wii along with the popular Wii Sports game. Select Competition to learn more about the contest, then get inspired by Real Samples of Winning Projects. Entries are due Feb. 6, 2017.

Visit: http://exploravision.org
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Achieve Greatness Issue Date: 10-02-2016

Cool Spots image The Achiever Gallery, www.achievement. org/autodoc/pagegen/galleryachieve.html, is dedicated to people who have made great contributions in the areas of art, business, science, sports and public service. Some names are in history books; others will be familiar from news stories. Read an interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Sports. You might be surprised to find that basketball was not his favorite sport when he was younger! Explorer Robert Ballard located the most famous shipwreck in history. Read more about his famous discoveries. Learn about the life of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Select a role model that fits your interests.

Visit: http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/pagegen/galleryachieve.html
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Research is Fun Issue Date: 10-02-2016

Cool Spots image View thousands of artifacts in a digital museum format at the Smithsonian Learning Lab, learninglab.si.edu. Images, videos, texts and amazing facts can be gathered into Collections for you to use in your next research project. For instance, if your assignment is about astronauts, simply type in your topic to see more than 5,000 resources. Customize images to include your own annotations, quizzes and hot spots to highlight interesting facts about the topic. Your collections can be published online and shared during class presentations. Bookmark this site to remember for your next project.

Visit: http://learninglab.si.edu
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Timely Messages Issue Date: 08-21-2016

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wondered how people delivered messages before modern technology existed? The History of Communication Technology, personal.psu.edu/jtk187/art2index.htm, describes such inventions as the telephone, radio, television and postal system. Did you know that the radio did not transmit speech in its early days? Find out what it was originally used for. Once technology improved, families used radio in much the same way as modern families glean information from television and the internet. TV was invented nearly 50 years before its signals were broadcast in the United States.

Visit: http://personal.psu.edu/jtk187/art2index.htm
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