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Transistorized! Issue Date: 09-05-1999

Cool Spots imageFound in everything from radios to robots, transistors are the tiny electrical devices that continue to be important today. At Transistorized!, you'll learn about one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Switch the dial to www.pbs.org/transistor and tune into a flurry of interactive science and amazing technology. Once here, you'll learn about how the transistor was created by a pair of daring scientists, and how it came to be used in everything from early radios to the integrated circuit. Games like the Periodic Puzzle and Wafer Maker provide an understanding behind the transitor's science. It's time to turn up the volume!

Visit: www.pbs.org/transistor
User Rating: 2.7151898734176stars
316 users rated this site
How Stuff Works Issue Date: 11-08-1998

Cool Spots imageGet out your cyber toolbox because it's time to open some appliances, do some exploring, and find out how stuff really works. You know there are no magical elves that make the phone ring. It's science. And it's great to learn how all these things we use every day really work. Pop the lid off www.howstuffworks.com to start. Poke around inside an internal combustion engine to find out what gasoline does once it's in the car, or crawl around in the human skin to find out what makes sunburns happen. It's your inside-out crash course on everything from remote controls to rocket science. Have fun tinkering, and don't forget to wash up before dinner. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.howstuffworks.com
User Rating: 3.6956522455245stars
391 users rated this site
Why is the Sky Blue? Issue Date: 10-18-1998

Cool Spots imageCuriosity has traditionally killed the cat, but that's not the case with Dr. Universe, the smartest feline on the Internet. At the doc's Web site, you'll discover answers to some of the most mind-boggling questions out there. Make an appointment at www.wsu.edu/DrUniverse and get ready to quiz your favorite feline. Do trees ever stop growing? Why can't we build more brain cells? What is a black hole? Whatever the question, you've come to the right place. From slime to sleep, you'll get the lowdown on the world's great mysteries, not to mention insect romance and cow belching. Every day, you'll find new solutions to problems and answers to questions that would put a quiz show host to shame. This cat can't be stumped! And in case you're looking for that second opinion, Dr. Universe will be more than happy to direct you to far-out sites like Chaos Kids, Pioneer Planet and the Why Files. The doctor is in!

Visit: www.wsu.edu/DrUniverse
User Rating: 2.9064444391109stars
450 users rated this site
Robot Zoo Issue Date: 04-12-1998

Cool Spots imageA world of giant animal robots awaits at the Robot Zoo, where mammal meets machine! Automated giraffes, rhinos and platypuses will dazzle you with their mechanical body parts and computerized brains. While the real Robot Zoo exhibit travels across America, you can play with these robo-animals online at www.thetech.org/exhibits/online/robotzoo. By looking at nature through the eyes of an engineer, you'll find out why a chameleon changes colors, how a housefly walks on ceilings, and how the grasshopper hops and flies. You can download pictures of these cool animals, including an all-too-real squid, or you can find out when the Robot Zoo exhibit visits a city close to you. And just like the city zoo, remember not to feed the animals, and keep an eye out for the bats! Discover a digital wild kingdom now.

Visit: www.thetech.org/exhibits/online/robotzoo
User Rating: 3.0747549019607stars
816 users rated this site
Visual Magic Issue Date: 04-05-1998

Cool Spots imageSpecial effects will mesmerize you at Visual Magic, where the world of computer animations, 3-D graphics and digital eye candy comes to life. The online magazine is produced by visual and special effects artists from around the world, and has info on everything from movies to make-up to cartoons. Follow the bouncing pixel to http://visualmagic.awn.com and discover how the filmmakers from "Titanic" created digital humans and other extraordinary effects. You'll also get the lowdown on 3-D scanners, software and killer graphics apps. There are special tutorials so you can learn how to model your own Santa Claus or build your own Jurassic Park! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://visualmagic.awn.com
User Rating: 3.2542510148449stars
1482 users rated this site

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