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Web Wisdom Issue Date: 07-14-2002

Cool Spots imageEvery kid needs a best friend on the Internet to keep him safe. Buddy up with Web Wise Kids at www.webwisekids.com to learn all about Internet safety. This informative site helps children build online safety awareness. Missing, a detective game, is designed to help kids solve the case of a missing child in a fun yet educational format. Advice for Parents educates adults about how to guide their kids' Internet activities. Wendy's Seven Smart Rules is a great set of safety tips for kids. Become a Web Wise Kid and stay safe online.

Visit: www.webwisekids.com
User Rating: 2.829166675stars
720 users rated this site
Think Ahead Issue Date: 06-02-2002

Cool Spots imageThrough the power of modern technology, you can communicate with your great-grandchildren. The KEO project at www.keo.org is sending out a satellite time capsule filled with messages from people all over the world. The satellite will return to Earth in 50,000 years, ready to deliver our messages to future generations. KEO's Adventure examines how Earth's technology has developed and changed and what lies in store. The Keomag has articles about how the project was formed and how it has evolved since its inception. Offer your insight at KEO.

Visit: www.keo.org
User Rating: 2.4191919191918stars
396 users rated this site
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Issue Date: 05-05-2002

Cool Spots imageThe Cyber Toaster Museum at www.toaster.org is dedicated to the mystery and wonder of the device that makes our bread crisp. Check out the toaster's evolution with pictures from the past. In Toaster Miscellany, you'll find anything from toaster boxer shorts to toaster coloring books. Oil and water color paintings of toasters hang in the Toast(er) Art Gallery. Make sure you get to see the vintage Toaster Ad of the Month. Raise your juice glass to toast the toaster, the greatest invention to grace the breakfast table.

Visit: www.toaster.org
User Rating: 3.3024574669193stars
529 users rated this site
Learn the Biz Issue Date: 03-24-2002

Cool Spots imageIf you're young and you have great ideas, head directly to http://library.thinkquest.org/28188 and learn the eBiz4Teens. The eBusiness revolution has created wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs, and this site can help you stake your claim to success. Learn how teen-agers and the Internet have changed the business world. Knowledge is power, especially at eBiz4Teens where you'll find a host of eBusinees resources at your fingertips. Go Interactive and send a virtual postcard to your fellow teen entrepreneur. This site is an important stop on the road to e-success.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/28188/
User Rating: 3.2404809619234stars
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Engineering Marvels Issue Date: 11-04-2001

Cool Spots imageExplore our technological world at the Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century Web site at www.greatachievements.org. Whether you are interested in airplanes, electronics, computers, radio and television, or spacecraft, this site has the info you seek. Explore the history and timeline of each engineering marvel. There are 20 articles in all. Get connected at this marvelous site.

Visit: www.greatachievements.org
User Rating: 2.6540540540544stars
370 users rated this site

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