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Uncover Physics Issue Date: 04-01-2012

Cool Spots imageIf you have an MP3 player, a smartphone or a GPS device, Thank Physics for That, physics.org/thank
, will explain how physics made these technologies possible. Guess how long it would take to download all the information on the Internet, and find out if the Internet will ever run out of space. Did you know a smartphone can measure brainwaves? Now see which Viking king the Bluetooth was named after, and discover how the powerful radiation released by explosive solar flares on the surface of the Sun can affect your GPS device here on Earth!

Visit: physics.org/thankphysics
User Rating: 2.7995283018871stars
424 users rated this site
Safety First Issue Date: 03-04-2012

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Chat Danger, chatdanger. com, where kids learn how to stay safe while chatting online. Technology has made communication super easy, but not without risk. Click on Email and read true stories from people who have been tricked, bullied or spammed. Move over to Mobiles to find out how to protect yourself from unwanted texts, calls, pictures and more. Find out how to make good choices in Chat, not just with people, but with the chat rooms you choose. Used carefully, social media tools can help you keep in touch.

Visit: chatdanger.com
User Rating: 3.218697829716stars
599 users rated this site
No Escape Issue Date: 11-20-2011

Cool Spots imageAdvertising is everywhere, no matter where you are. Sometimes it is easy to forget the profound effects advertising has on you and your decisions. Admongo.gov wants you to explore, discover and learn as you become more media literate. Click Play Now and begin your quest to understand the ins and outs of ads. Choose your character's hair, clothes and accessories, and then begin your “aducation.” By the time you are done working your way to the “top,” you will know who is making the ads, what ads are really saying and how they are targeting you.

Visit: http://admongo.gov
User Rating: 2.8241206030154stars
995 users rated this site
Lock Into Pop Culture Issue Date: 10-23-2011

Cool Spots imageMy Pop Studio, www.mypopstudio.com, invites those who are passionate about communications to try their hand at creating different forms of media. Do you love magazines? Step into the Magazine Studio and try to make your own teen magazine masterpiece. You'll learn about layout, articles, advertisements and more. Is TV more your speed? See if you have what it takes to become a producer as you edit your own show. Sing out loud in the Music Studio or flex your tech skills in the Digital Studio. Try your hand at all the different media and enjoy!

Visit: www.mypopstudio.com
User Rating: 2.7552966101704stars
944 users rated this site
Knowing Nano Issue Date: 08-14-2011

Cool Spots imageWelcome to the Nanozone, www.nanozone.org, dedicated to breaking down nanotechnology so that curious young minds can appreciate and understand this complex science that stretches the limits of imagination. Click on the white rat to discover just how teeny tiny nanotech gets as scientists move atoms and molecules to create new and wonderful things. For future career inspiration, check out the Nano Stat Cards to see the brains behind the brilliance. Now browse through Nanocomix to meet other budding scientists.

Visit: www.nanozone.org
User Rating: 3.0229787234041stars
1175 users rated this site

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