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Poetry Stories Issue Date: 11-29-2015

Cool Spots imageThe Favorite Poem Project, www.favoritepoem.org, is a video collection of Americans reciting beloved poems. John Doherty shares Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” and why he feels a connection to the words. He says poetry is a challenge: At first a poem may seem like just a group of words, but then its meaning becomes clear. Meet Yina Liang, a high school student from Georgia, who shares Emily Dickinson’s poem “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” She talks about the pressures young people face with school, family and friendships. Can you relate to this? Maybe you’ll be inspired to love poetry, too.

Visit: http://www.favoritepoem.org
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Write a Sonnet Issue Date: 09-07-2014

Cool Spots imageHave you ever been assigned the task of writing a poem for a class at school? Poetry Through the Ages, webexhibits.org/poetry, explores the various kinds of verse. Writing poems may seem challenging at first, but if you study the basic elements of the form, it will be easier to understand. A good place to start is Learn About Poetic Forms and Create Your Own Poetry. William Shakespeare made sonnets famous by including them in some of his plays, at least one of which you will probably read at some point in school. Did you know that song lyrics and advertising are modern forms of poetry?

Visit: http://webexhibits.org/poetry
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Live Poetry Issue Date: 02-02-2014

Cool Spots imagePoetry comes to life at The Poetry Foundation’s Children’s Video exhibit, poetryfoundation.org/children/video. Watch “The Tropics in New York,” where a peek through a store window sparks beautiful memories. Have you ever seen a ladybug typing? Check out the Classical Baby poetry show. Get ready for some tongue twisters with Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman, as she reads from “The Llama Who Had No Pajama.” Pay attention as she challenges you to listen and count certain words.

Visit: http://poetryfoundation.org/children/video
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Let It Flow Issue Date: 10-30-2011

Cool Spots imageWade into ecoliteracy with River of Words, www.riverofwords.org. Nature should have a place in the classroom. This site takes students away from their desks and out into the world for unforgettable lessons. Click on Art and Poetry and read through last year's contest-winners. If you are especially inspired, you can even submit your own work for review. Move over to Students and find tips and tricks that will have you creating nature-oriented works in no time. Share this one at school and breathe some fresh air into your classroom.

Visit: www.riverofwords.org
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A World of Rhyme Issue Date: 04-03-2011

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Jack Prelutsky, www.jackprelutsky.com, a wonderful web world celebrating art and poetry. Click on the sun to enter, and then mouse over the picture to choose where to begin. Has your dog ever eaten your homework? Well, what about your valentine? Maybe you want to check up on a greedy and ambitious cow who cannot stop pigging out! If that delectable pizza is catching your eye, prepare yourself for a sun-sized treat that will surely be hard to beat. From slow horses to earthbound aliens, this site is sure to amuse.

Visit: www.jackprelutsky.com
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