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Baby-sitters Club Issue Date: 01-21-2018

Cool Spots image For more than 30 years, young readers all over the world have enjoyed the adventures of the Baby-sitters Club, scholastic.com/annmartin/bsc/index.htm. Now the series has grown to more than 300 books. Learn what influenced her career in About Ann. If you are interested in becoming an author someday, perhaps you’ll pick up some ideas when you read Letters from Ann. The Photo Album contains snapshots of Ann’s travels and book signings. When you are ready to begin reading, check out titles and descriptions of her popular series in Books. For an interactive experience, read about Squirrel in the current featured book.

Visit: http://scholastic.com/annmartin/bsc/index.htm
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Rare Books Issue Date: 01-07-2018

Cool Spots imageHave you ever seen a book that is hundreds of years old? Enter the Rare Book Room, rarebookroom.org, a collection of 400 works of literature gathered from the great libraries of the world. Each book has been converted to a digital copy so you can examine its details up close. Visit Children’s Literature and see the stunning illustrations of Alice and her colorful friends in Wonderland. Although William Shakespeare’s plays were written in the 1600s, beautifully preserved copies are available for you to peruse. See original works of composers Beethoven and Mozart in Music. Take note of the libraries that house the original works – perhaps you can visit them one day!

Visit: http://rarebookroom.org
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Study Literature Issue Date: 12-17-2017

Cool Spots image How frequently are you assigned a book to read for a class? As you know, reporting on various types of literature and being tested on, presenting or discussing what you’ve read is inevitable! BookRags, bookrags.com, was created to give students a place to go for help when studying for tests or assignments about many works of literature, such as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Giver” and hundreds more! The searchable database makes it easy to find useful guides about many different genres. You can even use this as a resource to search for a book to read. With your parent’s permission, Sign Up and begin using this valuable study tool.

Visit: http://bookrags.com
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Ready on the Go Issue Date: 10-22-2017

Cool Spots image Lit2Go, etc.usf.edu/lit2go, is a free collection of various genres of literature for you to access online or on your portable device. Many of the resources are available for download to PDF or audio. Let’s say your English teacher assigns “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” If you download the audio file to your phone or tablet, you can listen to it in the car on the way to sports practice, while making an after-school snack or even outside. This makes it easy for you to complete your reading assignments when you have limited time after school. In addition to books and poetry, you will also find interesting files such as Here Be Dragons! in the Collections section.

Visit: http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go
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World's Largest Library Issue Date: 08-20-2017

Cool Spots imageDiscovery Education presents a Constitution Day Virtual Field Trip, tinyurl.com/wouyjwm, to the largest library in the world: the Library of Congress. Established in 1800, its mission was to provide visitors with a place to view America’s documents. Watch the tour and read George Washington’s diary entries and other manuscripts. Learn from experts how the library has changed over the past two centuries. For instance, it was burned down by the British in 1814. Can you guess which former president offered his personal collection of books for sale to replenish the library’s lost volumes?

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/wouyjwm
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