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Current Events Issue Date: 01-22-2017

Cool Spots imageIf you like to stay informed about world news, you may have noticed that reporting on television and in print media is often geared toward adults. Student News Daily, studentnewsdaily.com, is a terrific resource for kids to learn about current events. Along with daily news stories, there are videos, maps, links and questions to help you have a full understanding of what you are reading. World events are posted on Tuesdays, examples of media bias are given on Wednesdays and an article asking you to share your opinion is posted every Thursday. How well do you think you know your news? Find out by taking the weekly quiz on Friday.

Visit: http://studentnewsdaily.com
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Be a Reporter Issue Date: 10-23-2016

Cool Spots imageHow would you like to work on your school paper or become a reporter when you grow up? Get the Scoop!, pbskids.org/newsflashfive/scoop/index.html, is looking for a new staff member. A local farmer believes he has found dinosaur bones on his farm. It will be your job to gather all the facts to tell the story accurately. The Library and the University are fine places to find out more about the history of dinosaurs in this area. Do you have what it takes to be a staff reporter or star correspondent? Once you have gathered all the facts, Submit Your Story to view your completed article. Select Rate My Story to find out how you did on your first day.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/newsflashfive/scoop/index.html
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News for You Issue Date: 05-08-2016

Cool Spots imageDo you ever watch the news with your parents and wish there were more stories that interested you? Smithsonianís Tween Tribune, tweentribune.com, is written just for you! Topics include Animals, Art, Education, Culture, Sports and more. If you like heights, you might want to read about the 70-story slide coming to Los Angeles in Odd News. Learn how you can take a break from screens and busy schedules to try new things in Tweens in the News. Make the most of your summer by trying something new, like a nature-oriented camp or an acting camp.

Visit: http://tweentribune.com
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Read the News Issue Date: 03-13-2016

Cool Spots imageTeaching Kids News, teachingkidsnews.com, provides news on current events that is interesting and relevant to kids. New articles are added every day and older articles are archived in a searchable database. Topics include News, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Politics and Arts. See what is unique about a Newly Discovered Frog in Science. Can you name the spacecraft that landed on a comet and went to sleep? Visit Technology to see how scientists have found a way of Making Glue Less Sticky.

Visit: http://teachingkidsnews.com
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Read All About It! Issue Date: 12-06-2015

Cool Spots imageHave you ever considered starting a newspaper? The Woodsboro World, woodsboroworld.com, is a school newspaper started by sixth-grader Arjun Patel. Creative writing, photography and video editing are just some of the skills necessary to run an online newspaper. In Campus Life, read about studentsí activities, from the Book Club to Mrs. Johns Field Trip. News has stories such as The Glowing Sea Turtle and 4-Year-Old Finds Nodasaur Bone. Take a poll or read original works in Kidís Korner. You might want to start your own school newspaper!

Visit: http://woodsboroworld.com
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