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Jobs for Young People Issue Date: 09-03-2017

Cool Spots image Do you plan to get a part-time job when you are older? YouthRules, youthrules.gov, is committed to ensuring safe and positive work experiences for young people. Before looking for a job, itís important to Know the Rules so you can tell if your employer is treating you fairly. If you are under 14, youíre limited in how you can earn money. For instance, if your parents own a business, you can work for them as long as the business is not one of the Hazardous Occupations established by the Department of Labor. Pick up tips from real working young people in the videos at Teen Work Stories.

Visit: http://youthrules.gov
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STEM Jobs Issue Date: 06-18-2017

Cool Spots image STEM Learning presents See Where They Can Take You, stem.org.uk/elibrary/collection/2925, a collection of interviews with experts in fields related to science, technology, engineering and math. If you enjoy any of these subjects, you may want to explore occupations that utilize them to find a job that appeals to you. Meet a Digital Designer working on a project for the Royal Navy. Are you a talented video gamer? Behind the scenes, see what itís like to be a Computer Games Developer. Next, head over to the Zoological Society of London and meet a Marine Biologist who works in the penguin exhibit.

Visit: http://stem.org.uk/elibrary/collection/2925
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Start a Business Issue Date: 06-04-2017

Cool Spots image Are you an entrepreneur? All Terrain Brain, allterrainbrain.org, is the place to find out how to turn a great idea into a business. With parental permission, register for a free account. Once you log in, take a tour of the program to learn how to access the games, animated features and activities. After the tour, head over to ATB TV and select a topic. In Be an Entrepreneur, you will watch an animated movie, find inspiration in Biz Buzz, Design a Flyer for your own business and earn your official ATB license. Ready for some creative fun? Visit Activities and access the awesome tools to build your business.

Visit: http://allterrainbrain.org
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Get Outside! Issue Date: 02-14-2016

Cool Spots imageSee if an outdoor job might be in your future at Learn How to Become, learnhowtobecome.org/career-resource-center/outdoor-careers. Discover different jobs, their educational requirements and the salaries they command. While a bachelorís degree may get you an entry-level position in marine biology, those most distinguished in the field have doctorates. Landscape architects design everything from gardens to playgrounds to office buildings. Could this inspire you to work outdoors?

Visit: http://learnhowtobecome.org/career-resource-center/outdoor-careers
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Awesome Jobs Issue Date: 04-12-2015

Cool Spots imageAre you fascinated by science, technology or math? Kids Ahead, kidsahead.com, shows careers you may be interested in. If you like Video Games, meet software engineer Danelle Cline at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. She goes out to sea and designs software to help scientists understand the ocean. Are you interested in Extreme Weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes? Learn to Build an Earthquake-Proof Structure. Then read about Tim Orr, a volcanologist whose job takes him by helicopter over volcanoes to collect lava samples.

Visit: http://kidsahead.com
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