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Virtual Museum Issue Date: 06-19-2016

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Dry Creek, ucmp.berkeley.edu/educa tion/explorations/reslab/newdc/index.html, takes you back in time 60-70 million years to explore Montana. As an Individual Explorer, enter the lab and meet your guide, Celeste Cruz, a paleontologist who will help you gather fossils. Start by visiting an Ant Hill, where you will find several small fossils. Set up camp and explore the area to discover more. Watch a movie clip to learn how the river has cut through the earth, exposing layers of rock. Can you find out why Sites 1 and 2 are so different?

Visit: http://ucmp.berkeley.edu/education/explorations/reslab/newdc/index.html
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Ice Age Excavation Issue Date: 03-03-2013

Cool Spots imageThe Denver Museum of Nature & Science shares its exciting Snowmastodon Project, dmns.org/science/the-snowmastodon-project. Nearly 5,000 fossils from Ice Age animals have been excavated since late 2010 near Snowmass Village, Colorado. Project Updates have notes and videos from scientists who uncovered bones of mammoths, mastodons and even camels! Teams competed to leave no bone behind, and you can share the experience when you watch "Ice Age Site Yields 4,517 Bones from 20 Different Animals." Discovery Timeline tells the story of how a bulldozer exposed the tusk of a mammoth.

Visit: dmns.org/science/the-snowmastodon-project
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Ancient Creatures Issue Date: 08-26-2012

Cool Spots imageMy Learning's Fossils Game, mylearning.org/fossils-game/interactive/2402, is an interactive voyage that begins 440 million years ago. Have you ever wondered about the Earth's first creatures? Travel through time in the Journey and learn about ancient sea and land animals. Each step of this site has a challenge you must complete before moving forward. Build a trilobite in the Silurian Period. Save as many crinoids as you can in the Carboniferous Period. Invent and name a dinosaur in the Jurassic Period. In Resources, play the Fossils Card Game and find out how fossils are made.

Visit: mylearning.org/fossils-game/interactive/2402
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What Lies Beneath Issue Date: 02-12-2012

Cool Spots imageDig, digonsite.com, is an awesome place for those passionate about archaeology. Ask Dr. Dig to find out about cavemen, mummies, dinosaurs and more! Dig magazine also has amazing art, featuring subjects such as pharaohs and Egyptian funerals, illustrated by kids just like you. See what others have created and feel free to send in your own masterpiece. Before you surf on to other kid-friendly websites, visit Fantastic Factoids to learn about interesting mysteries and myths that will wow your friends and family.

Visit: digonsite.com
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Human Nature Issue Date: 07-17-2011

Cool Spots imageThe Smithsonian's Mystery Skull Interactive, http://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/human-fossils/mystery-skull-interactive, allows you to discover the science hidden inside a human skull. Choose from one of the four mystery skulls to begin. Click and drag different skulls to compare them. If you need help with your cranial identification challenge, look to the side for hints. Remember to take your time, rotate the skulls, and look closely at their differences and similarities. This site is a brain challenge, so good luck!

Visit: http://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/human-fossils/mystery-skull-interactive
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