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The Science of DNA Issue Date: 05-28-2017

Cool Spots image Calling all future scientists! Learn more about DNA when you play Double Helix, nobelprize.org/educational/ medicine/dna_double_helix/dnahelix.html, created by the experts at Nobelprize.org. The cells of most living organisms contain the same type of genetic material. Your challenge is to copy three strands of DNA and figure out which random organism each strand belongs to. Once you create a strand, you’ll be given descriptions and images to use to make your determination. You are provided with data about the number of chromosomes, base pairs and genes that are in your strand to help you choose wisely. Points are awarded for accuracy. The game moves quickly, so think fast!

Visit: http://nobelprize.org/educational/medicine/dna_double_helix/dnahelix.html
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Hard-Working Cells Issue Date: 03-20-2016

Cool Spots imageCentre of the Cell, centreofthecell.org/learn-play/games, features games that take the mystery out of the different types of cells that make up living organisms. Gather the cells you need to score a soccer goal in What Is a Cell? Explore a Cell to learn about the work cells do. Osteoblasts keep your skeleton strong. In Cell Turnover, find out how many cells are made in a minute. Cells are constantly replaced with new cells; even when you are sleeping, they are hard at work.

Visit: https://www.centreofthecell.org/learn-play/games/
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Survival of the Fittest Issue Date: 02-13-2011

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Thingdom, www.sciencemuseum.org.uk /whoami/thingdom.aspx, where you can adopt a “thing,” care for it and make baby things. This science-centered site gives students a hands-on experience with breeding and careful gene selection. Choose a thing to begin the process. Once you give your thing a name, you will nurture it into adulthood, encourage it to mate with another thing, and select which babies are the “cream of the crop.” Choose wisely and you may just make it to the end of the game! Good luck.

Visit: www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/whoami/thingdom.aspx
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Get Your Game On Issue Date: 03-28-2010

Cool Spots imageThe power of science is waiting for your discovery at GMGame, www.food.gov.
. Learn how scientists take a desirable trait from one item, such as its color, and fuse it with another item to change its physical make up and alter its appearance. While this may sound easy, extracting DNA can be a tough process that requires some serious skill. Play the GM game and piece together a puzzle that will help you understand the complicated workings of DNA genetic modification.

Visit: www.food.gov.uk/multimedia/flash/gmgame.swf
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Building Blocks Issue Date: 10-18-2009

Cool Spots imageDiscover the amazing science behind genetic fingerprints at The University of Utah's DNA Extraction Virtual Lab, http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/extraction. No two genetic fingerprints are alike, so they can tell a lot about you. There are many different reasons that people undergo genetic testing. Crime labs test individuals to reveal guilt or prove innocence, while medical doctors can determine if you carry certain diseases or have other health issues. Try your hand at DNA testing when you take a cheek swab, analyze human cells and more.

Visit: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/extraction
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