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Undercover Kids Issue Date: 08-11-2013

Cool Spots imageSpecial Agent Bobby Bureau needs your help in FBI Kids, fbi.gov/fun-games/kids. In order to complete his mission, Bobby needs an effective disguise. Can you design one for him? Meet Colby the dog, who will introduce you to his friends in About the FBI. You can print your own credentials, just like a real agent. Safety Tips are important for everyone to be aware of. Learn some important rules to keep in mind whether you’re on your computer at home or at school, or out with friends or family. Read the Story of a Strange Flashlight to find out How We Investigate a real case. What have you learned about searching for evidence?

Visit: fbi.gov/fun-games/kids
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Crime Stoppers Issue Date: 06-26-2011

Cool Spots imageCSI: Web Adventures, http://forensics.rice.edu, will have young sleuths scratching their heads as they attempt to solve important police cases. Are you ready to “bag it and tag it”? Rookie Training is the perfect place for young gumshoes, so click here to begin. As you visit different crime scenes, collect tools to help you on your quest. Intermediate crime stoppers can flex their muscles in Canine Caper, the dog show mystery. When you are ready, move onto Burning Star, where advanced kids will surely shine. Did you manage to solve all three?

Visit: http://forensics.rice.edu
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Science Spy Issue Date: 09-06-2009

Cool Spots imageTake special care to learn the science behind spying at Planet Science's Undercover Science, http://archive.
. Dig into the Spy Box to find out how to send secret messages to your friends, or sneak into Codemaking & Breaking to figure out how to decipher secret messages and their meanings. Before you put your super spy techniques into action, take a quick quiz with Born to be Bond? to see if you really have what it takes for undercover work.

Visit: http://archive.planet-science.com/outthere/index.html?page=/outthere/spy
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A Serious Science Sleuth Issue Date: 04-12-2009

Cool Spots imageYour sleuthing skills are needed at GSI: Glasgow Science Investigation, www.glasgowsciencecentre.org/
. Birdbot is missing! You must gather clues and use forensic science to bring him home safely. After you have surveyed the last place Birdbot was seen, you will have to eliminate suspects from a lineup. Next, visit the crime scene and collect evidence to analyze in the lab. Use your newfound information to reveal which of the suspects did the dirty deed! Congrats on solving the crime, gumshoe.

Visit: www.glasgowsciencecentre.org/glasgowscienceinvestigation.aspx
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Figuring Out Forensics Issue Date: 05-04-2008

Cool Spots imageDiscover how science plays a role in solving crimes at the Virtual Exhibit on Forensic Science, www.virtualmuseum.
. Click through the database to learn about the different components forensic science experts explore and the tests they run when examining a body. Next, see how far forensic science has come over the years when you visit Timeline. Test your own crime-solving skills by playing Interactive Investigator and work a crime scene where you just might solve the case.

Visit: www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Myst/en
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