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Evolution of Physics Issue Date: 06-19-2011

Cool Spots imageInteracts: Physics.org, www.physics.
, invites kids to explore the featured map so that you understand the map key before you begin your journey into the evolution of physics. Move through ages such as the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution, and learn about all the advancements that were made during each time period. Click the blue question mark if you need help while you explore. These highlights would knock the socks off of your science teacher, so pass it along and move to the head of the class.

Visit: www.physics.org/interact/physics-evolution
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A Circle Round the Sun Issue Date: 05-30-2010

Cool Spots imageGet the celestial scoop on Galileo Galilei: 400 Years of Stellar Observations at www.nasa.gov/externalflash/galileo. Galileo wore many hats. A talented mathematician as well as a skilled scientist, Galileo fundamentally changed the way we study the planets. Look through the Galilean Telescope to see the improvements Galileo made and why those changes matter to scientists today. This site will also help you to explore the Phases of Venus and to figure out why sunspots disproved the idea of perfect heavenly bodies.

Visit: www.nasa.gov/externalflash/galileo
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Somewhere Out There Issue Date: 02-14-2010

Cool Spots imageThroughout human history different beliefs about life beyond our planet have existed. Review those ideas at NASA's Planet Quest, www.nasa.gov/externalflash/PQTimeline, and discover what famous scientists hypothesized. Some ideas, such as the theory that the sun orbited the Earth, may seem crazy now, but back then it was accepted as the truth. This site can help you understand how our scientific capabilities have evolved, and it will introduce you to many inventive and creative space pioneers who continue to influence our lives.

Visit: www.nasa.gov/externalflash/PQTimeline
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Discover With Darwin Issue Date: 01-10-2010

Cool Spots imageEvery Journey Counts, www.rolls-royce.com/interactive_games/darwin/darwin.htm, invites you to take a walk in Darwin's Footsteps as he discovered famously cool plants and animals on his worldly travels. Pick Frank or Annie to join you, grab Polly, Darwin's dog, and prepare to embark on the HMS Voyager. Your travels include Brazil, where you will plant seeds to see which ones grow the best and Lima, Peru, where you will have to work fast to rescue llamas from the mountain after a huge earthquake!

Visit: www.rolls-royce.com/interactive_games/darwin/darwin.htm
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A Race to Remember Issue Date: 03-22-2009

Cool Spots imageThe New Space Race, http://library.
, will help out-of-this-world kids like you understand the challenges and rewards of space exploration. Did you know space tourism is right around the corner? This means that one day people will be visiting space on family vacations. If you want to know what's going on in space right now, click on The New Space Race to learn about the X-Prize, the highest award in space advancement, or the Centennial Challenge, a cool competition sponsored by NASA.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/07aug/00861/home.htm
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