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Get Wild, Child! Issue Date: 03-07-2010

Cool Spots imageLet the wonders of nature fill your computer screen at Dublin Zoo's Animals and Plants, www.dublinzoo.
. This alphabetical list of amazing animals will have you clicking through your favorites in no time. Sub-zero temperatures await you if you want to climb into the Arctic fox's foxhole. If you are looking for a warmer welcome, check out the parrot, native to the American tropics. Look for links on your search page for tips on where you can explore for further research.

Visit: www.dublinzoo.ie/inside.asp?pageId=5§ionId=3&level=1
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A 'Zoo' You Can Use Issue Date: 02-28-2010

Cool Spots imageSome amazing animals are waiting to be discovered by you in The American Museum of Natural Science's Zoology, www.amnh.org/explore/ology/zoology. Extreme Mammals Stuff is not to be missed with porpoises showing off their powers. If you are still chomping at the bit, check out a few toothy grins and see if you can match the fangs to the beast. All creatures, those alive today and those from the past, are ready to show you what they are capable of, so increase your knowledge about Earth's animals now.

Visit: www.amnh.org/explore/ology/zoology
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Getting to Know You Issue Date: 12-14-2008

Cool Spots imageFind out all you can about amazing and awesome animals at Natural History Notebooks http://nature.ca/notebooks/english/mon2.htm. Move quietly when you are looking at the Asian lion in Mammals and learn fun facts about their size, compared to other lions, as well as their demeanor. You can also travel back in time when you click on Dinosaurs, where the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and others are waiting to be discovered. So swim with the fish and creep with the reptiles, but above all, learn something new about our animal friends today.

Visit: http://nature.ca/notebooks/english/mon2.htm
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No Boundaries Issue Date: 01-01-2006

Cool Spots imageJoin agricultural scientists as they travel to faraway countries with Science Knows No Boundaries at www.ars.usda.gov/is/kids/globalscitech. In Nepal and India, creepy crawly creatures "bug" the scientists into learning more. Adventure off the beaten path with entomologist Raymond Carruthers as he documents the discoveries scientists make while abroad. See the bugs' amazing talents by surfing through Stories Without Boundaries. If these stories strike your fancy, visit Careers to learn about all the disciplines in agricultural science.

Visit: www.ars.usda.gov/is/kids/globalscitech
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Diversifying Biology Issue Date: 01-09-2005

Cool Spots imageThe planet is crawling with all kinds of life, and Biodiversity 911 at www.biodiversity911.org teaches you about biodiversity and the importance of its preservation. The site features information on the various species on the planet and the abuse or extinction of different plants and animals. Wildlife Trade tells of the illegal smuggling of animals. Soil highlights the dangers of soil erosion, and Forests details the destruction of the world's forests. To swim with some of the world's most diverse species, don't forget to visit the Fisheries.

Visit: www.biodiversity911.org
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