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Dream It and Build It Issue Date: 08-11-2013

Cool Spots imageArchKIDecture, archkidecture.org, is a fun way to learn about math, science and visual arts through architecture. Everyone has seen a unique building or bridge and wondered, “How did they build that?” The Incredible Rolling Bridge in London is a pedestrian bridge that actually curls up into a circle so boats can pass in the canal below it. You can create your own structures in Projects. Make a Sandcastle, then send in a picture of it to be featured on the site. Next time you are at the library, check out some archKID books and get ready to be inspired.

Visit: archkidecture.org
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If You Build It… Issue Date: 07-31-2011

Cool Spots imageThe Museum of London’s Move and Make, www.museumoflondon.org.uk/museumoflondon/media/microsites/u5games/moveandmake, challenges you to flex your architectural muscles. First you must choose whether you want to make a building or a vehicle. Begin with the Roman warehouse. Click and drag doors, windows and roofs. Once it is complete, you can choose which color to make it. If you are looking for inspiration as you engineer the item of your choice, you can always click on “See a real…” for a historical example. How did you do?

Visit: www.museumoflondon.org.uk/museumoflondon/media/microsites/u5games/moveandmake
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Outta Sight! Issue Date: 03-14-2010

Cool Spots imageA Museum of Modern Art's interactive site, Tall Buildings, www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2004/tallbuildings/index_f.html, presents 25 detailed looks into towering structures around the world. As the site loads, your screen will fill with the gargantuan silhouettes of the featured skyscrapers. New technologies have allowed builders and city residents to be more confident about the safety of these towers. Mouse over the building you would like to read up on and be transported into your selection as you explore the inside, view photo galleries, get stats and more!

Visit: www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2004/tallbuildings/index_f.html
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Build It Wright Issue Date: 11-25-2007

Cool Spots imageFuture architects of the world will find their passion at Architect Studio 3D, www.architectstudio3d.org/AS3d. This site lets budding builders build their own dream homes, walk through them in 3D and share their original creations with others. Meet up with Frank Lloyd Wright and begin to create your house when you enter the Design Studio. Visit the Design Gallery to tour and rate the houses others have created. Finally, brush up on architecture skills in About Architecture where you can browse the Architect's Handbook and learn how to design for different clients with different needs.

Visit: www.architectstudio3d.org/AS3d
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What a View Issue Date: 04-16-2006

Cool Spots imageStop and take a look with A Sightseer's Guide to Engineering at www.engineeringsights.org. Engineers are hard at work across the nation helping our lives run smoothly in ways you may not realize. Click on a state to see how engineering is at work where you live. Washington, for example, has the longest floating bridge in the world. In Tennessee, engineers built one of the nation's largest coal-fired electric generating plants, the Kingston Fossil Plant. It supplies enough electricity for 700,000 homes. This site is a design for success!

Visit: www.engineeringsights.org
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