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Great Lakes Shipwrecks Issue Date: 12-10-2017

Cool Spots image Did you know that thousands of ships rest at the bottom of the Great Lakes? The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point on the coast of Lake Superior, shipwreckmuseum.com, contains artifacts and stories of lives lost at sea, and maintains the Whitefish Point Light Station. Read about the most famous and mysterious wreck in Great Lakes history, the Edmund Fitzgerald. Watch “The Lost Fitzgerald Search Tapes,” listen to radio chatter from that day and view images of the wreck at the bottom of the lake.

Visit: http://shipwreckmuseum.com
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Famous Historical Jackets Issue Date: 12-03-2017

Cool Spots image The Smithsonian Museum presents Don’t Forget Your Jacket, si.edu/spotlight/jackets, a collection of different kinds of outerwear, some worn on notable occasions throughout history. Examine a flight jacket worn by Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Woodrow W. Crockett. Look at the Horse Racing Silks worn by the first jockey to earn $6 million. Learn his name and read more about his remarkable career. Check out an Army Nurse Corps Outdoor Uniform, worn during World War I. Iditarod champion Lance Mackey’s award-winning career in sled-dog mushing led him to be known as a true icon of his sport. Sally Ride was the first woman in space. Can you find her In-Flight Suit?

Visit: http://si.edu/spotlight/jackets
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Inventions Issue Date: 12-27-2015

Cool Spots imageDid you know that the main tool inventors use is their imaginations? The Smithsonian National Museum of American History presents Invention Stories, invention.si.edu/explore/ invention-stories, a look at some of the world’s inventors, both famous and unknown, and their creations. Every new invention starts with an idea. Inventors can create something completely new or improve on a product that already exists. Explore the Inventive Minds Gallery and meet Ralph Baer. His brainchild is something many kids enjoy every day – the video game!

Visit: http://invention.si.edu/explore/invention-stories
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Fossil Findings Issue Date: 09-04-2005

Cool Spots imageDig around the Museum of Paleontology at www.ucmp.berkeley.edu for some fossil fun. Discover the History of Life by viewing several exhibits about phylogeny, geology and evolution. The Paleontology Portal takes you to a fossil gallery, where you can choose a time period to see what life was like. Then, Explore Our Collections and view databases and catalogs, which include images of plants, invertebrates, vertebrates and microfossils. No bones about it, this site rocks.

Visit: www.ucmp.berkeley.edu
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Crazy Craniums Issue Date: 07-17-2005

Cool Spots imageGet inside your head with Skulls, a California Academy of Sciences Web site exhibit, at www.calacademy.
. What is a Skull? Associates at the California Academy share their opinions. Structure and Function provides facts and answers to skull questions. Have you ever wondered why animal skulls look so different? In Diversity, check out different skulls and how they have adapted to the environment. Believe it or not, skulls are composed of living tissue and can tell a lot about a creature. In Living Tissue, with Field Associate Raymond Bandar's help, examine a sea lion's skull. Be hard-headed about this site.

Visit: www.calacademy.org/exhibits/skulls
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