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Geology Fun Issue Date: 01-29-2017

Cool Spots image If you have ever found an interesting rock but could not identify it, Rock Hound Kids, rockhoundkids.com, can help. Stop by the Mineral Gallery and read about Marble, a stone often used by sculptor Michelangelo for his statues. Study photographs, read descriptions and find out where minerals are commonly found. Watch a video about the Rock Cycle in All About Geology. Identify rock types when you play “Who Am I?” in Geology Fun. Try the Crayon Rock experiment at home when you watch Geology Videos. Want to learn more? Check out Geology Links to continue your research.

Visit: http://rockhoundkids.com/
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History of Jewelry Issue Date: 01-29-2017

Cool Spots image Have you ever wondered where precious gems are found? Enter the Jewelry Time Machine at GemKids, gemkids.gia.edu, to find out more about the gems used to make jewelry. Archaeologists have discovered ornamental artifacts dating to ancient times. The oldest gold jewelry in the world was found at a burial ground in Bulgaria. Gem Explorer displays Rough and Polished stones for easy comparison. It also shares facts about famous gems such as the Star of Asia, a 330-carat sapphire. In Jewelry, view styles of ornamentation through history, from Crown Jewels to Amulets, Timepieces and Rings.

Visit: http://gemkids.gia.edu
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Start a Collection Issue Date: 06-21-2015

Cool Spots imageSummer is a great time to start a collection. Smithsonian Kids Collecting, tinyurl.com/clcpy6g, introduces you to some of the priceless collections housed in the museum. You’ll be inspired by the National Gem and Mineral Collection. In Behind the Scenes, meet Mike Wise, a Smithsonian geologist who travels around the world collecting mineral specimens. Learn why the airmail stamp, created in 1918, is the most famous American stamp. In Reel People, view several unique private collections.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/clcpy6g
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Digging Up the Past Issue Date: 12-02-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Melbourne Museum in Australia presents 600 million years: Victoria Evolves, museumvictoria.com
, an exhibition about how plants, animals and environments have changed over time. When geologists study fossils embedded in rocks, they often create a replica of the animal so we can see what it actually looked like. See if you can match fossils to their reconstructions in Fossil Fun. Then visit the museum without leaving home and view fossils and artifacts up close in the Virtual Exhibition. See replicas of your favorite prehistoric creatures in the interactive Timeline.

Visit: museumvictoria.com.au/melbournemuseum/discoverycentre/600-million-years
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Below the Surface Issue Date: 11-04-2012

Cool Spots imageOneGeology Kids, onegeology.org/eXtra/kids, helps kids investigate geology around the world, from volcanoes to dinosaurs. Click on a character to get started. Vera will teach you about volcanoes and even transport you to the base of Mount Etna in Sicily. Did you know that lava erupting underwater is called "pillow lava"? Now meet Andreas and learn about fossils and dinosaurs. Try to guess the largest dinosaur fossil ever found. Move on to Earthquakes and you'll be shocked when you see the map of the San Andreas Fault and its numerous fault lines.

Visit: onegeology.org/eXtra/kids
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