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Creepy-Crawlers Issue Date: 09-12-1999

Cool Spots imageFrom roaches to termites, bugs are the creepy-crawlers we love to hate. But are they really so bad? It all depends. Get the complete story at Orkin's Dangerous Insects, a buggy Web site with all kinds of information on those icky pests. Proceed with caution to www.orkin.com/learningcenter/kids_and_teachers.aspx and learn about everything from bee stings and Lyme's disease to the bite of the bullet ant. Did you know that an adult tick can live more than 500 days without a meal? Or that house flies are considered a greater threat to human health than most other insects? The site is loaded with incredible facts like these. You'll meet the feared scorpion and discover his hiding places, which include shoes, closets and folded clothes. Or take a stroll with the black widow spider as she builds her nest. Just remember not to fall for the charm of the kissing bug-it's known to bite humans as they sleep.

Visit: www.orkin.com/learningcenter/kids_and_teachers.aspx
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Get Wiggly Issue Date: 08-29-1999

Cool Spots imageWorm is the word at The Adventures of Herman, the Net site dedicated to our favorite creepy-crawlers. Get your own worm's-eye view at www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/worms. Once here, you'll get the inside scoop on a worm's eating habits, its anatomy, and its place on the food chain. Pass the veggie platter, will ya? At Worm Facts, you'll find out how there can be more than a million earthworms in one acre of land, and other cool tidbits. Or slither out to Herman's Fun Place, where you can write your own worm story, explore the underground in Herman's Tunnel or get crayon crazy at Color Me Herman. Got a wormy question that hasn't been answered? You can always send it to Herman himself. Or follow one of the site's worm links to a wealth of information about this splendid creature. Dive into Herman's Web wormhole now!

Visit: www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/worms
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Web Crawlers Issue Date: 09-13-1998

Cool Spots imageBug lovers will adore Insecta, your online insectarium. From majestic creatures like butterflies and yellowjackets to creepy-crawlers like cockroaches, termites and silverfish, this site has them all. Buzz out to www.insecta.com and don't forget to bring bug spray! This site has oodles of interesting facts and photos. Did you know that carpenter ants will bite when handled, or that ladybugs love south-facing walls and windows? Insecta's Family Tree does an outstanding job of classifying each insect and describing its unique qualities. There's also a great glossary of terms, which fills you in on everything from compound eyes to metamorphosis. If critters and varmints are your things, then Insecta is sure to be your bug heaven.

Visit: www.insecta.com
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Icky and Sticky Issue Date: 07-19-1998

Cool Spots imageIt's time to get slimed! Slither out to http://yucky.kids.discovery.com and join Wendell the Worm and his human sidekick Dora as they explore the living sciences through cockroaches, earth worms and the mysterious human body. From sneezing and snoring to bug bites, this site covers everything that's gross and yucky. The site has plenty of sounds, videos and games to keep you scurrying about, and you can send gross e-cards to your friends online, or hang out with Ralph the Roach at Bug World.

Visit: http://yucky.kids.discovery.com
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Come out of your Cocoon Issue Date: 10-19-1997

Cool Spots imageHow does a caterpillar become a butterfly? Watch it happen before your eyes by raising your very own caterpillar. You can find the best tips for caterpillar parenting by visiting the Children's Butterfly Site at www.kidsbutterfly.org. There are coloring pages that take you through the lifecycle of a Monarch butterfly, great info on books and videos, and links to other sites on butterflies. Check out the fabulous photo gallery of the world's most beautiful insects. At this site you will metamorphose into a fan of these friendly flying creatures. Come out of your cocoon and log on with butterfly lovers all over the world!

Visit: www.kidsbutterfly.org
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