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A Case of the Itchies Issue Date: 09-02-2001

Cool Spots imageBuzz with the bees and Lanakids at www.lanakids.com. This site, sponsored by Lanacane, reveals the secrets of staying itch free throughout the year. The summer brings a number of hazards, including mosquitoes, ticks, poisonous plants and bees. Load up on cool itch facts and swimming safety tips. Then learn how to avoid frostbite and why winter weather makes skin itchy. The winter "warm-ups" and the "freeze free" fun will keep you going all winter.

Visit: www.lanakids.com
User Rating: 2.776357827476stars
626 users rated this site
The Mighty Monarch Issue Date: 10-22-2000

Cool Spots imageFollow the flight of the mighty monarch butterfly this fall with Monarch Watch at www.monarchwatch.org. You'll find tons of fascinating details about monarchs at this renowned Web site. Did you know that some monarchs migrate up to 3,000 miles? Find out everything you need to know to raise monarchs or to start a butterfly garden. And be sure to check out the beautiful picture gallery. Float on over to Monarch Watch today.

Visit: www.monarchwatch.org
User Rating: 2.8151750972763stars
514 users rated this site
Insect Paradise Issue Date: 07-23-2000

Cool Spots imageEnter the bizarre and fascinating universe of insects at Alien Empire, the companion Web site to PBS' Nature series. Buzz off to www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/alien-empire/introduction/3409 and meet a world of creepy crawlers. This site is jam-packed with multimedia presentations about monarch butterflies, wasps, bees and much more. Better yet, you'll find out how some of these high-flying insects actually get off the ground. Watch out for those dragonflies. You'll also learn about those pesky termites and how they have a way of "bringing down the house." Fashion lovers will get the chance to meet the insect world's most famous weaver, the silk worm. And for a journey like no other, be sure to follow the migration path of the monarch butterfly. But remember: Don't let the Web bugs bite!

Visit: www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/alien-empire/introduction/3409
User Rating: 3.3018867924529stars
265 users rated this site
Bug Out Issue Date: 05-21-2000

Cool Spots imageThe whole world is bugging out. There are millions of busy, crawling, munching creatures all over the planet, so you may as well get in on the invasion. Buzz over to www.insecta-inspecta.com and join the cyber-colony of insect maniacs. See one of the biggest termite hills in the world, go underground with an army ant and inspect yourself for arachnophobia. Be sure to gaze upon the famous insects of the art world, and then run for cover from the killer bees. This site is totally swarming with fun facts, goofy graphics and amazing video clips that'll have your eyes bugging out. Invade Insecta Inspecta World as soon as you can.

Visit: www.insecta-inspecta.com
User Rating: 2.6456211812626stars
491 users rated this site
Bee Buzz Issue Date: 02-27-2000

Cool Spots imageAt Nova Online's Tales From the Hive, you'll get a chance to find out what it's like to live in a beehive. Buzz to the next flower at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/bees and journey into the land of honey. You'll begin by communicating in the language of bees so you can tell your hive mates where to find the best grub. You'll also learn the art of bee dancing. Did you know that to make 1 pound of honey, workers in a hive fly 55,000 miles and tap 2 million flowers? And did you know that a productive hive can make and store up to 2 pounds of honey a day? With beautiful graphics and movie clips, this site is sweet stuff. Just be careful not to disturb the queen. Now "bee gone."

Visit: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/bees
User Rating: 2.5311284046692stars
514 users rated this site

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