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What a Busy Bee Issue Date: 04-04-2004

Cool Spots imageHelp Bumbles the bee collect pollen particles for the Queen of Pollen Park at www.concer-tina.co.uk/pollenpark. Your mission is to learn about plant reproduction by traveling to different areas of the park. In the picnic area, learn how to tell the difference between flowers pollinated by insects and flowers that use the wind to pollinate. Buzz over to Park Lake to help a seed germinate with three important conditions. When you're finished exploring, zip back to the hive to take the Pollen Park Challenge.

Visit: www.concer-tina.co.uk/pollenpark
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Fluttering Around the Yard Issue Date: 02-08-2004

Cool Spots imageButter up on your butterfly knowledge with Butterflies North and South at www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/
. Due to sprawling cities, protecting the butterfly population is increasing in importance. Creating a butterfly garden in your backyard is a great way to help these friendly flying creatures. Just make sure you have plenty of sunshine, shelter, water and minerals in the area. The butterfly gallery will help you identify which butterflies are hanging out in your garden, and playing the games will increase your brain-span on butterflies.

Visit: www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Butterflies
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I Wonder... Issue Date: 04-20-2003

Cool Spots imageJoin the Wonderville gang as they study science in the back yard at www.wonderville.ca. In this interactive neighborhood, clicking on different items found outdoors reveals fun facts about nature. The Wonder-Nik navigation tool guides your studies about earthworms, birds and much more. Scope out the two video clips about forensics and ornithology. When you're ready to study the wild side of your own back yard, you'll find the Wonderville list of experiments to be wonderfully helpful.

Visit: www.wonderville.ca
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Pass The Ants, Please Issue Date: 02-02-2003

Cool Spots imageLearn about The Online Anteater, one of nature's strangest creatures, at www.maiaw.com/anteater. You can read about the anteater's odd body features, such as its tube-like nose and ultra-long tongue. In Fun Stuff, learn to say anteater in 27 languages and read anteater comics. Then head to Feeding for a glimpse at the anteater's unsavory eating habits. They consume up to 30,000 insects in one day. Be sure to catch the picture of an anteater diving nose-first into a termite mound. If you had a 2-foot tongue, you'd eat termites and ants, too!

Visit: www.maiaw.com/anteater
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To Bee or Not to Bee Issue Date: 10-27-2002

Cool Spots imageComb through the buzzin' beehives of Honey.com at www.honey.com/consumers/kids. You'll find Bee Facts and Honey Trivia at this sweet site. The Draper's Bee Cam lets viewers watch the bees making honey. You can learn how to preserve and store honey for sweet snacks all year. Check out some delicious recipes with honey. Or go out on a limb and try flavored honeys such as avocado and blueberry. When you have finished eating, Take a Virtual Tour of a Hive, but mind those stingers.

Visit: www.honey.com/consumers/kids
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