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Insects Alive! Issue Date: 09-02-2012

Cool Spots imageAre you fascinated by fireflies? Annoyed by ants? Worried about wasps? Learn about insects of North America — what they eat, how long they live and where to find them — at bugfacts.net. This site is full of information on everything from how insects develop to how far a praying mantis can see. Did you know that some types of cicada larvae may live underground for as long as 17 years, but once they emerge as adults, they live only a few weeks? Print the Insect Checklist and see how many of these critters you can spot around your neighborhood!

Visit: bugfacts.net
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Discover Butterflies Issue Date: 06-10-2012

Cool Spots imageNearly one million invertebrates are known to science. Learn about one of the most beautiful types at Butterfly School, butterflyschool.org. Moths are similar to butterflies; learn which one develops in a cocoon. On average, adult butterflies live for only two weeks. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is an amazing process. Learn how to find and care for a caterpillar, and experience its metamorphosis first hand in Raising Butterflies and Moths. Then Make a Butterfly House of your own to keep it in.

Visit: butterflyschool.org
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Small and Mighty Issue Date: 11-06-2011

Cool Spots imageThe Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History shines the spotlight on often overlooked bugs with Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants, www.mnh.si.edu/ants. Ants are a dominant force in their ecosystems. Click on Photo Gallery to see these critters in action as they gather impressive amounts of food. Go to videos and watch “Lord of the Ants,” or catch a glimpse of the red wonders as they act as a team to build a lifeboat. Now that you see the world from an ant's point of view, give credit where it is due.

Visit: www.mnh.si.edu/ants
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Who's That Bug? Issue Date: 05-22-2011

Cool Spots imageGet comfortable with creepy crawlers at Going Bug-gy, http://teacher.scholastic.
, a site to celebrate bugs. Talk Bugs with The Frizz, where a cartoon favorite, Ms. Frizzle, answers queries from kids, such as which bugs are edible and which bugs have teeth. You can also try your hand at building your own caterpillar, but be sure your bug can survive a life full of tough conditions in the rain forest. If you want to learn more about bugs, their habitats and diets, visit Bug Resources.

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/bugs
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Fly, Pretty Butterfly Issue Date: 04-04-2010

Cool Spots imageLook up into the sky and meet the colorful and beautiful butterflies at Flying Jewels, http://library.thinkquest.
. From information on their life cycles to photos, there are swarms of butterfly facts waiting to take flight. Besides being pretty to look at, did you know that butterflies play a role in plant pollination? This site is dedicated to protecting butterflies so that they can continue on their mission. So share this link with other nature lovers who want to make a difference.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/00891
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