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Shark Attack Issue Date: 02-26-2006

Cool Spots imageGo on a dive of a lifetime to Cocos Island with Nature: Shark Mountain at www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/sharkmountain where there are underwater creatures unlike anywhere else. This tiny island lies directly in the path of powerful ocean currents that bring in creatures such as moray eels, hawksbill turtles and sharks. Visit Photo Essay for an in-depth look inside the island's abundant sea life. In Shattering Shark Myths, separate shark fact from fiction and discover why researchers say sharks do not deserve their nasty reputation. Caution! Watch out for a shark attack.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/sharkmountain
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Under the Surface Issue Date: 10-16-2005

Cool Spots imageSlip on your flippers and dive into the Seattle Aquarium at www.seattleaquarium.org. In the Kids zone, check out the mysterious moon jellies in Creature Feature. You can find out about Current Exhibits and learn about fish that swim in the Puget Sound or about Life on Ice in Antarctica. Conservation will inform you about ways to protect marine life. This site has an ocean full of info, including sea otter and turtle rescue and rehab and sixgill shark research. Once you dive in, you won't want to leave this incredible site.

Visit: www.seattleaquarium.org
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Under the Sea Issue Date: 11-14-2004

Cool Spots imageChicago's Shedd World Aquarium introduces Shedd Educational Adventures, an interactive aquatic resource for K-12 students and teachers at www.sheddaquarium.org/
. SEA takes you up close and personal with the plants and animals that inhabit the reef of the Philippines. Build-a-Fish allows you to make your own fish and release it into the reef to see if it has the necessary survival skills. Then, with the Environmental Action Program and Reefs at Risk, find out what you and your classmates can do to protect the environment and reefs like this one.

Visit: www.sheddaquarium.org/sea
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Under the Sea Issue Date: 10-10-2004

Cool Spots imageYou'll swim with sharks and reel in the rays at Fish, the Australian Museum Fish site, at www.austmus.gov.au/fishes. Australia has a lot of beach, a lot of ocean and a lot of fish, so there's plenty to pore through here. Try to snag a spindly seadragon and apprehend an anglerfish in the Fish Memory Game in Student Stuff. When you find the treasure trove of fishy flicks, you can watch short movies of fish swimming freely in their natural habitats. Be sure to catch the pineapplefish. It really lives up to its name!

Visit: www.austmus.gov.au/fishes
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Creatures Down Under Issue Date: 09-19-2004

Cool Spots imageThe Wildlife of Sydney welcomes you to its home at http://faunanet.gov.au/wos. In Animals, discover the purpose of the loud drone of cicadas. Or examine the life cycle of jellyfish and break down the anatomy of sea squirts. Habitats are grouped by region, including the heath and intertidal areas. After you learn about the animals and their surroundings, try to match them up in Activities. When you're finished, quiz yourself on everything from ants to stick insects.

Visit: http://faunanet.gov.au/wos
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