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Under the Sea Issue Date: 06-21-2009

Cool Spots imageWade into the waves and experience the aquatic realm at Scholastic Explorers: Ocean Life, http://teacher.
. Your mission is to join forces with Earth watch teams to determine how humans are affecting the lives of leatherback turtles and dusky dolphins. The baby turtles need protection so that they can hatch and grow strong, some as big as 6 feet long and 4 feet wide! And dolphins are profoundly affected by tourism in their areas. From puppet shows to documenting behaviors, join forces to aid in conservation.

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/explorer/oceanlife
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Out to Sea Issue Date: 02-22-2009

Cool Spots imageBoldly venture to Beyond the Reef, www.amonline.net.au/exhibitions/beyond, and discover the treasures Australia's waters have to offer. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most amazing natural wonders, and it also serves as a home for millions of plankton. The reef's phytoplankton produce more oxygen than any plant life on Earth, and the zooplankton are tasty treats for many of the water's inhabitants. Before you leave, get a look at how a slipper lobster evolves in Crustacean Metamorphoses, which is full of great pics.

Visit: www.amonline.net.au/exhibitions/beyond
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Gold-Medal Goldfish? Issue Date: 08-10-2008

Cool Spots imageSwim the seas with competitive fish at The Fish Olympics, www.liverpool
. Ray Mullet challenges you to choose who the gold medal fish might be in many different events. Play hide and seek in Cross Country Camouflage, where you can zoom in on photos of fish who don't want to be found. Fill your belly and your brain with the Eating Event, where hungry fish see who can feed their face the fastest. Paddling around this site will teach you a thing or two about what really goes on under the sea!

Visit: www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/nof/fish
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Under-the-Sea Senses Issue Date: 06-17-2007

Cool Spots imageDive in to discover the sounds of the sea at www.dosits.org. Ocean creatures use sound to communicate and navigate. Technology Gallery showcases the equipment used under the waves. Click on the Science of Sound to familiarize yourself with sound measurement, movement and common water sounds. Audio Gallery lets you listen to the noises different sea critters make, like the blue whale or the manatee, and also provides cool pictures of the featured animals. Many talented men and women are involved in ocean sciences, so be sure to look them up and watch an interview before you log off.

Visit: www.dosits.org
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Slammin' Salmon Issue Date: 08-20-2006

Cool Spots imageDive Deep to meet Sammy Salmon and his buddies at www.canfisco.com/kids/homepage.asp and get to know everything about this cool fish. Coraline, Sammy's friend, tells you how to take care of Sammy and preserve his habitat. Check out what Starfish has to say about the Olympic feats performed during Sammy's salmon life cycle and let Squid get down to business and fill you in on Omega-3 and nutrition. Avoid sharks in Shark Attack or join Bubbles for a word search when you play Games. Are you Ready? Take the plunge!

Visit: www.canfisco.com/kids/homepage.asp
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