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A Whale's Life Issue Date: 01-24-2010

Cool Spots imageLet the ocean waves take you away to Whales Tohora, http://collections.
, where whales journey and people follow. Meet the men and women who feel a special connection to these beautiful beasts in Whale People. There you will read folkloric tales and get to know some real-life whale riders! Next venture into the Whale Lab, where topics such as evolution and anatomy lead you to new discoveries about these massive mammals. Be sure not to miss some great whale videos in Cool Stuff.

Visit: http://collections.tepapa.govt.nz/exhibitions/whales
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Under the Surface Issue Date: 11-22-2009

Cool Spots imageWelcome to The Reef Education Network, REN, at www.reef.edu.au. Reefs are collections of coral that lie beneath the water and house many watery mysteries just waiting to be discovered. Ask A Brain Coral if you have questions about the ocean, the animals that live there and queries on sea-life reproduction. Reefs are very delicate ecosystems and must be protected. Click on Problems and Solutions to see what can be done to keep the reefs and their inhabitants healthy and happy. Note Who's Who to find out all you can about life under the sea.

Visit: www.reef.edu.au
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Totally Tentacles! Issue Date: 10-25-2009

Cool Spots imageWatch out for those giant squid at The Colossal Squid Exhibition, http://squid.tepapa.govt.nz. Get to work designing your own squid as you carefully choose its eyes, head shape and tentacles. Once you have created your beautiful beast, have fun with it before you set it free. If animated squid are not your thing, click on Squid Files to see amazing photos of some real-life sea "monsters" and discover how scientists research these creatures. Before you move on, take time to visit the Exhibition, where you will find out just what it takes to capture and care for the giant squid.

Visit: http://squid.tepapa.govt.nz
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Wet and Wild Issue Date: 09-20-2009

Cool Spots imageWatch out for those tentacles! Jellyfish Gone Wild, www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/jellyfish, may make you think twice about diving into the deep blue. On their own, most jellyfish are no big deal. Sure they can sting, but in large swarms they can disable boats, cause major damage to fish farms and even kill the occasional swimmer. Click on Swarms to find out more about where these slimeballs gather and why they group together in such large numbers. Be sure to stay safe when you venture into the ocean!

Visit: www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/jellyfish
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Under the Sea Issue Date: 06-21-2009

Cool Spots imageWade into the waves and experience the aquatic realm at Scholastic Explorers: Ocean Life, http://teacher.
. Your mission is to join forces with Earth watch teams to determine how humans are affecting the lives of leatherback turtles and dusky dolphins. The baby turtles need protection so that they can hatch and grow strong, some as big as 6 feet long and 4 feet wide! And dolphins are profoundly affected by tourism in their areas. From puppet shows to documenting behaviors, join forces to aid in conservation.

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/explorer/oceanlife
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