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Ocean Tales Issue Date: 03-17-2013

Cool Spots imageMap a Shipwreck or solve a mystery in the great Seal Rescue at Immersion Learning, immersionlearning.org. We all know the story of the ocean liner Titanic. Visit Games and use footage of the actual ship to create and edit your own film with Titanic Moviemaker. Thousands of years ago, a volcanic eruption sank the Greek island of Thera into the sea. Gather evidence to decide for yourself whether Plato\'s legend of Atlantis is based on this event in Blast From the Past. Now be a dolphin in Dolphin-Speak and guess whether a behavior is socializing, feeding or baby-sitting.

Visit: immersionlearning.org
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Save the Estuary Issue Date: 02-17-2013

Cool Spots imageYou'll have a great time exploring Estuary Education, estuaries.noaa.gov/Students/Home.aspx, if you like marine biology, protecting animals or working outdoors. Meet an Expert like Lindsay Thomas, who leads students on kayaking and biking trips and tours of salt marsh habitats. Research endangered species like the Largetooth Sawfish, then Take a Quiz to see if you really learned the facts. Oscar the Otter meets his friend Valerie on the road in Fun & Games. Help them clean up and save Oscar's home in Where Rivers Meet the Sea.

Visit: estuaries.noaa.gov/Students/Home.aspx
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Cool Creatures Issue Date: 10-07-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Monterey Bay Aquarium's Animal Guide, montereybayaquarium.org/ animals, is a stunning display of photographs and fascinating information about marine life. In Birds you'll find the horned puffin, which can carry an amazing number of fish in its beak. Can you guess how many? Scroll down to Cool Facts to find out. One Marine Mammal uses its chest as a table and has pockets in its coat. Can you find it? Explore the aquarium, and don't forget to download your favorite images as wallpaper, then listen to a podcast to learn more.

Visit: montereybayaquarium.org/animals
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Ancient Creatures Issue Date: 08-26-2012

Cool Spots imageMy Learning's Fossils Game, mylearning.org/fossils-game/interactive/2402, is an interactive voyage that begins 440 million years ago. Have you ever wondered about the Earth's first creatures? Travel through time in the Journey and learn about ancient sea and land animals. Each step of this site has a challenge you must complete before moving forward. Build a trilobite in the Silurian Period. Save as many crinoids as you can in the Carboniferous Period. Invent and name a dinosaur in the Jurassic Period. In Resources, play the Fossils Card Game and find out how fossils are made.

Visit: mylearning.org/fossils-game/interactive/2402
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Sea Creatures Issue Date: 04-08-2012

Cool Spots imageNOAA’s My Submarine Ocean Explorer, coexploration.org/oe/kws/start.html, invites you to join real scientists to explore marine life on a virtual submarine. Did you know there are mountain ranges along the ocean floor? Join the Ring of Fire expedition on the map and watch an underwater volcano while listening to amazing facts gathered from a vehicle hovering 10 feet away! Click the phone to call Kevin Raskoff, a scientist who traveled to the Arctic to study sea creatures under the ice and discovered several new species.

Visit: coexploration.org/oe/kws/start.html
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