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Take a Dive Issue Date: 06-08-2014

Cool Spots imageGet ready for Ocean Adventures, pbs.org/kqed/oceanadventures. Jean-Michel Cousteau and a team of marine professionals share their expeditions with you. In Call of the Killer Whale, you’ll learn why these creatures are at risk. Find out what orcas have in common with people. In Vanishing Sharks Interactive, see what is threatening the world’s shark populations and how they benefit ocean life. Get Involved to see What You Can Do to protect ocean life. Divers can protect habitats by not touching or taking the marine life they see.

Visit: http://pbs.org/kqed/oceanadventures
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Fun in the Ocean Issue Date: 03-30-2014

Cool Spots imageHave some Fun in the Deep Blue Sea at meddybemps.com/deepblue/Index.html. Dive Deep with Weebit Cuckoo in his tiny submarine and see colorful creatures on your way. Who lives at the very bottom? Tippity Witchet loves to take pictures. Browse Beach Photos to see photographs of birds, critters and treasures she’s found. Have you ever seen a Roseate Spoonbill or Ghost Crab? See what you can learn from the pictures for your next trip to the ocean. Then Compare Videos to see how the different creatures travel in the deep blue sea.

Visit: http://meddybemps.com/deepblue/Index.html
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Shell Facts Issue Date: 09-08-2013

Cool Spots imageThe Conchologists of America Kid’s Section, conchologistsofamerica.org kids, is full of fun, games and shell facts. There’s more to those pretty seashells you pick up on the beach than color and shape. Did you know land snails are able to lift 10 times their weight on a vertical surface, or that scallops have dozens of eyes? You might look at those tiny creatures a little differently from now on – or they may be looking at you! Shell words are difficult to pronounce when you try to solve the word search in Games. Gather great ideas to begin your own shell collection in Activities.

Visit: conchologistsofamerica.org
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Life at Sea Issue Date: 08-04-2013

Cool Spots imageLaura Jernegan: Girl on a Whaleship, girlonawhaleship.org, describes the exciting three-year sea journey of a 6-year-old girl and her family in the 19th century. Can you imagine living and going to school on a boat for three years? Explore Laura’s Journal to learn about daily life on the ship. You can create your own Map of Whaling to see the sailing routes. Explore the Ship to see actual pictures of the inside of a whaler. Links throughout each story reveal real artifacts and vivid paintings. Read about the Whaling Disaster of 1871 in More About. Did Captain Jernegan and his crew survive?

Visit: girlonawhaleship.org
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Into the Deep Issue Date: 06-30-2013

Cool Spots imageHave you ever wanted to take a camera into the ocean and just explore? Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, blueworldtv.com, is a collection of adventures captured on film by Jonathan and his team. Deep underwater caves can be scary, but they are home to interesting sea life. Watch Webisodes such as The Blind Cavefish, where veteran explorer Christine Loew leads the search for a tiny fish that is the top predator in dark cave waters. Did you know that Humpback Whales travel 2,000 miles to the warm waters of the Caribbean to give birth to their calves?

Visit: blueworldtv.com
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